The Final Weeks of My Only.

I'm just really proud of the person he's become.

Yes, he disobeys and throws massive tantrums. And he does those things in public when it embarrasses me, sure.

But mostly, he is this sweet, funny, sensitive, polite, extremely observant person who makes me really really proud. He notices when the moon is in the sky (during the day!), even when I'm certain it's not out. He says please and thank you, and even though he mixes up when he's supposed to say "Yes ma'am" and "Yes sir", he still tries and it just makes my heart smile. He is a show off, which I can't fault him for, because I was the exact same way. "Watch me, Mom!", he shouts at the top of his lungs. All day long. So much shouting. But it works out pretty well because that's what I want to do - I want to watch him and marvel at the stunning person he is. The funny person he is. The smart person he is.

I have another baby coming soon. Soon I won't be able to tell my little son that he's my favorite boy in the whole wide world. Soon I won't be able to just sit endlessly in his bedroom with my morning coffee and watch him almost break the crib with his feats of jumping. Soon I will be a heart divided, a mind unfolded in full-blown multitasking, an attention that sways with the alternating needs of two boys.

And that day is nearing, all the time it's nearing closer.

It's alarming to think about my heart opening up to another little person in the same way that it has with Everett. Because he made me the mom that I am. He made me love motherhood. He made me fall in love with myself in a new way. He made me believe in a capability that I wasn't prepared for - he made me follow my instincts, discover an awakening of my mothering nature, and grow as fast and mightily as him because, well, I didn't have a choice. As a mom, you have to be all in. This role is the greatest thing I've ever done, but if you had told me that prior to this precious boy, I couldn't have believed you. Because I had other things to do, and frankly, because mini vans really turn me off.

Did I mention Stevie really wants to get us one?

I am processing these thoughts this morning, because they need to be processed. I imagine that every mother goes through this phase when they are expecting another little one, but it feels unprecedented when it's happening to you. I am pursuing time and engagement with my toddler son right now, because soon everything will change and I want him to know, how very desperately, that I want him to feel my love and appreciation for who he is. I love and hate how big he's getting. My baby, my big boy.

P.S. - Thanks to Rocco + Norah for sending us my turban and his beanie for the changing weather of the season - I have been wearing mine every third day for weeks. You know what happens on the third day? Dirty hair. :)

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ASOS Cold Shoulder Top, Gap Maternity Jeans, Forever 21 Kimono, Rocco + Norah Mama Turban in Napa (c/o)
Rocco + Norah Reversible Palm Springs Beanie (c/o)

Keeping Up With The Boys.

This was the day that my two-year-old wrote in pen on my white bed spread.

This was also the day he lunged toward the garage door as it was closing. Thank God for motion sensors.

This was the day that I cleaned bedrooms and went through old baby clothes while my 2-year-old zoomed trucks around my piles for his soon-to-be-bro. This was the day I did a zillion loads of laundry and cooked some freezable meals while he built block towers around my ankles. This was the day we finally collapsed in exhaustion onto the couch, and decided to watch Christmas Mickey Mouse on Netlflix (his favorite) with our feet up (my favorite). We both ate graham crackers in silence. Mickey gave Minnie a necklace.

This was the day that the 31-week-along baby in my belly learned how to do somersaults. Nay, learned to master somersaults.

These kinds of days aren't for the faint of heart. Keeping up with these boys requires all my concentration and energy, and even then, sometimes it doesn't feel like enough to fuel me through the day. When someone asks a mom (especially a pregnant mom), "How was your day?" the answer is almost impossible to summon. My day was wonderful, hilarious, exhausting, infuriating, impossible, delightful, and then exhausting again. As a mom, you can't sum up your day in a few words. Each new hour ushers in a set of circumstances and emotions that unbutton my pride and reveal my weakness once again.

During this pregnancy I've been on my feet a lot. I'm trying to refrain from being on them too long, but let's be honest - a woman's gotta walk! A mama's gotta play trains! And this lady has to get the laundry done, beds made, and meals doled out. After being on my feet too much and an enlightening visit to the ER (which I shared about here), it was recommended that I find a really good belly support band to help alleviate the weight and pressure. I shared last week about my favorite 2nd Trimester essentials, and one of those was the Blanqi Support Band that I started wearing when I was about 27 weeks pregnant. The band has made such an enormous difference in my day-to-day, and when I reached out to the company to spill my praise about the amazing support I've received from it, the lovely ladies over at Blanqi sent me a few more support pieces to try. And I am almost undone about the quality and, for lack of a better word, magic of these clothes.

If you want to know what I've been wearing for the past two weeks (by themselves and layered under other pieces), you're looking at it. The Maternity Belly Support Tank Top offers insanely maximum lifting support - it literally lifts my belly up and take so much pressure off my lower back.  The Maternity Support Wear Leggings offer moderate support and keep everything smooth and taut underneath clothes. And I've been wearing these two items together since they came in the mail - imagine the double support I've been experiencing! I was actually really sad yesterday when I was laundering everything again, just because I was missing out on the inexplicably great lift of this shapewear. I'll admit that the only downside to this shapewear is feeling hot from time to time- if you're like me and feel hot all the time when you're pregnant, then wearing leggings in this 80-degree Georgia heat can present some challenges. But still - I wish I would have known about this game-changing gear during my last pregnancy. It would have really alleviated that last 6 weeks of back pain.

Blanqi Oy11.jpg

I love sharing when I find things that really, really work for me. And these pieces are the real deal, a must for any maternity wardrobe. I am so grateful that I discovered this brand so that the final leg of my pregnancy doesn't have to be quite as miserable as the last time around. And it's just a bonus that the ladies who run Blanqi (which is based here in Atlanta - what are the chances?!) are the sweetest, kindest moms who just want to help other women have easier, more comfortable pregnancies. I love supporting U.S. businesses, women's businesses, and most importantly, businesses creating something that MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

These pieces might not be able to get the ink out of my bed spread, but they are allowing me to stay on my feet a bit longer to get all the home life chores done that need doing. So I can not only keep up with my boys, but keep myself well cared-for, too. Every pregnant mama's dream.

You can shop Blanqi with this link and receive 20% off your order, friends!

P.S. if you have a pregnant friend, this is the perfect gift to give her - seriously! She will thank you every single day for the remainder of allllll her pregnancies :)

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Blanqi Support Tank (c/o), Blanqi Support Leggings (c/o), Wendy Bellissimo Maternity Poncho (on sale here!)

Many thanks to Blanqi for sending me the featured support wear. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

Big Boy Bedroom Inspiration.

1. Target Arrow Curtain Rods
2. Land of Nod Half-Dot Garland
3. Target Crocodile Crossing Sheet Set
4. Target Hanging Terracotta Planter
5. Target Fox Throw Pillow
6. Ikea Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser
7. Target Alligator Throw Pillow
8. Land of Nod United States Banner
9. Target Bear Throw Pillow
10. Target Alligator Print Twill Light Blocking Curtains

Over the past few weekends, we have been working on getting Everett's big boy room ready. We are going to move him out of his nursery and into a new bedroom - his "big boy" bedroom. And you guys, he is so excited. I was a little nervous that he would feel like he was getting kicked out of his room - I mean, to be honest, I didn't want to buy another crib for Baby Boy #2 (coming in December!) if I didn't have to. And since Everett has practically been launching himself out of his bed in the mornings (check out my instagram story if you don't believe me!), I knew it would be the right time to transition him out of the sweet nursery and into a room that is more "boy" - with a place to store all his books, toys and stuffed animals. We never kept any toys in his nursery, because I wanted the space to feel peaceful and soothing, in hopes of luring him to sleep in a distraction-free zone. But now that he is over 2, we are putting him in a twin-size trundle bed with a toddler rail and letting him keep toys in his bedroom to play with. Fingers crossed that my strategy to keep him in his bedroom in the mornings will pan out :)

I took him on a little shopping date to Target where we picked out some really fun decor and bedding from the Pillowfort line - have you seen how cute this collection is? I had serious inspiration swoon. We are going with an animal theme and lots of yellow, green and orange pops of color. He's been "helping" me as I prep the room - while I clean and move his books over, etc., he is playing with his trains and getting excited about sleeping in his "big boy bed". We haven't put up his toddler rail yet, and I want to get another baby gate up at the top of the stairs before we let him officially start sleeping in there, but we are very close to finishing all the last-minute projects that will land him in his room at last. It's so cute, every day at nap time he asks to sleep in his big boy bed. He is so excited! And it's helping me be able to talk to him more about his little baby bro that will be sleeping in his current crib and wearing his old clothes and all that good stuff - I'm trying to frame the whole life change as a promotion for Everett, so he feels really special and included in everything.

I'm excited to share the final room photos once everything is complete! In the mean time, mamas of multiples, got any advice for how you transitioned your kiddos into bigger beds and different rooms?

Falling for Fringe.

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Forever 21 Floral Fringe Kimono, Kate Spade Charlotte Street Alek Crossbody Bag, Isabella Oliver Helston Maternity Top c/o, BDG Skinny Jeans (past season, similar here), Coach Lace Up Wedge Booties (past season, linked to a similar below)

I wore this lovely little fringe number last week on our date night. The date night where we toured the local hospital, formulated a birth plan, and ate Thai food. We know how to plan a wild night, right?

We are delivering at a different hospital this time around and we wanted to get the lay of the land, and honestly, hear about how much the hospital tends to intervene in birthing situations. It was really good to get the tour and ask questions (Stevie and I asked the most in the group, we are such dweebs), but then it was even better to drive away from the hospital and process everything that's coming up.

All the feelings that have been lying stealthily in wait from the last time I gave birth. All the hopes bubbling up in my heart. All the unanswered questions about how it's going to be this time around. We talked through the things we loved about Everett's birth, and the things that were different than we expected. The things we didn't like. The things that scared us. All the birth planning in the world can't really prepare anyone for actual birth, and we relived all the emotions involved with meeting our little boy for the first time.

And that was all before the dim sum arrived.

Have you guys had dim sum? I can't get enough in my life.

We ate our Thai food and laughed about the wonder of it all. This burgeoning season of Fall. The fact that we are going to have two boys by Christmas. The fact that we still really love each other (and like each other!) after 9+ years of marriage. The really cute kimono that I was wearing that my sisters gave me for my birthday (okay, it was just me going ga-ga over that one).

Life is so beautiful, friends. It's so beautiful and so fleeting and it's slipping away as quickly as it's brimming forth. Happiest weekend to you :)