Hi, my name is Kristen, and I'm a mama and wife, and the publisher of this Internet shindig. After spending a few years bouncing around the U.S., living everywhere from Northern California to Boston to New York City (sometimes even "living" on the campground of KOAs across the southwest...), my husband and I have settled happily in our hometown, just south of Atlanta, Georgia. We have two little boys, a rambunctious two-and-a-half year old and a newborn, who keep us on our toes (and laughing. And tired.) This blog serves as both a record of our family adventures together and as a source of inspiration for others who share in the millennial pursuit of doing family life and dream-chasing.

This is where I share about recipes I crave, traveling adventures we've embarked upon, and the joy/challenge/insane vocation of motherhood. I used to write a lot about city life (just search "BOSTON" or "NEW YORK CITY" if you're interested in those chapters in particular), but since my family has come full-circle and moved back to our hometown, we've been settling into the suburban life and kind of loving it. You can read a lot about our little organic garden, house projects and electric vehicle obsession under the Homestead tab.

Thanks for joining me as I share about life's little moments that deserve big celebration!