DIY Ant Destoyer.

You might laugh at this post, but I am for real. I discovered an amaaaaazing way to treat those pesky ants that might be marching through your house right now. Since we've had so much rain this winter, we have experienced a lot of ants trying to find refuge in our kitchen. We have followed their trail and honestly have no idea how they are finding their way in. But we knew we had to get rid of them.

Specifically, I knew we had to take action one night after I laid Everett down to sleep. The house was quiet, it was that wonderful (exhausting) time of night where we could just relax and eat dinner. Then all of the sudden, I hear dramatic exclamations coming from the kitchen. I mean, DRAMA. Stevie was talking, nay, yelping and disciplining and whacking the counter and making proclamations of - "YOU'RE SO GROSS" - to the ants. He was shouting at them. Shouting at himself, just so disgusted by their little march into everything on the counter. He was over it. I came downstairs and laughed at my drama-king husband, because nobody ever believes me that he is WAY more high-maintenance and dramatic than I am. No one believes it. But whatever. I know my truth :)

I took care of the ants. Stevie cowered in the corner. Okay, not reallllllllly, but almost. I am definitely the one who TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS. And he was grateful. That man really hates ants.

Want to know how to get rid of ants in your house? It's so easy you guys. You probably have everything you need already.

Supplies Needed:
- 1-2 tbsp. Borax
- 2-4 tbsp. Sugar
- A few empty matchboxes
- Scotch Tape
- A few drops of water

1. First, you want to cut little holes in the tops of your match boxes. Make them ant-sized holes. This will be the channel for them to march in and out of.

2. Then using a little spoon, you want to add the sugar and Borax inside the match box. You want there to be a 1:2 ratio, with twice as much sugar as Borax. Just make sure you mix the Borax well in with the sugar. Add 2-3 drops of water, to moisten the mixture. Ants like syrup. Ants are gross.

3. Open the matchbox slightly, ensuring an opening for the ants to march into. Now you want to tape the partially-open matchboxes in the high-traffic areas where the ants are coming and going. Tape it good. You don't want an earthquake to make your box budge, so seriously, tape it GOOD.

NOTE: Borax is poisonous and you should absolutely NOT put this ANYWHERE that a child could access. You should also not tape the box in a way that it could easily fall or accidentally sprinkle some of the powder out of the box. We had to be very strategic with where we taped these boxes, since we have a toddler. Please consider the safety of your family and anyone who might enter your home with children, and place this ant destroyer high above a child's possible reach.

Why This Works:
Just like any other ant killer, the ants are attracted to the sugar. They load it up to bring it back to their queen, though little do they know that it's laced with the Borax. Sad day for their leader. Great day for my husband.

This literally took one day to clear the ants completely out of our kitchen. We made three matchboxes, and taped them in strategic places, one being in the space between the dishwasher and the granite. About a week later, we noticed a few again, and we refilled our matchboxes and re-taped them again. We've had no trouble since then.

Don't spend money on pest control if you don't have to. Spend money on shoes. Spend money on beautiful shoes that you can call art. Because this method totally works! And if you're having this issue, I'm certain it will work for you, too!

I hope you have the happiest weekend, enjoying a taste of Spring weather. I'm excited to get in my yard and do some garden prepping and planning! xox