Big Boy Bedroom Inspiration.

1. Target Arrow Curtain Rods
2. Land of Nod Half-Dot Garland
3. Target Crocodile Crossing Sheet Set
4. Target Hanging Terracotta Planter
5. Target Fox Throw Pillow
6. Ikea Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser
7. Target Alligator Throw Pillow
8. Land of Nod United States Banner
9. Target Bear Throw Pillow
10. Target Alligator Print Twill Light Blocking Curtains

Over the past few weekends, we have been working on getting Everett's big boy room ready. We are going to move him out of his nursery and into a new bedroom - his "big boy" bedroom. And you guys, he is so excited. I was a little nervous that he would feel like he was getting kicked out of his room - I mean, to be honest, I didn't want to buy another crib for Baby Boy #2 (coming in December!) if I didn't have to. And since Everett has practically been launching himself out of his bed in the mornings (check out my instagram story if you don't believe me!), I knew it would be the right time to transition him out of the sweet nursery and into a room that is more "boy" - with a place to store all his books, toys and stuffed animals. We never kept any toys in his nursery, because I wanted the space to feel peaceful and soothing, in hopes of luring him to sleep in a distraction-free zone. But now that he is over 2, we are putting him in a twin-size trundle bed with a toddler rail and letting him keep toys in his bedroom to play with. Fingers crossed that my strategy to keep him in his bedroom in the mornings will pan out :)

I took him on a little shopping date to Target where we picked out some really fun decor and bedding from the Pillowfort line - have you seen how cute this collection is? I had serious inspiration swoon. We are going with an animal theme and lots of yellow, green and orange pops of color. He's been "helping" me as I prep the room - while I clean and move his books over, etc., he is playing with his trains and getting excited about sleeping in his "big boy bed". We haven't put up his toddler rail yet, and I want to get another baby gate up at the top of the stairs before we let him officially start sleeping in there, but we are very close to finishing all the last-minute projects that will land him in his room at last. It's so cute, every day at nap time he asks to sleep in his big boy bed. He is so excited! And it's helping me be able to talk to him more about his little baby bro that will be sleeping in his current crib and wearing his old clothes and all that good stuff - I'm trying to frame the whole life change as a promotion for Everett, so he feels really special and included in everything.

I'm excited to share the final room photos once everything is complete! In the mean time, mamas of multiples, got any advice for how you transitioned your kiddos into bigger beds and different rooms?