New Mom Hour with Lalabu Baby!

In case you missed my little plug on Instagram and Facebook yesterday, I wanted to share the link to my Instagram Stories chat with Lalabu Baby! They host a live series called New Mom Hour covering all sorts of super helpful mommy-centric topics, and I was honored that they reached out to me to share some tips about traveling with little ones! Which is very timely, with the holidays right around the corner (I may or may not be in Christmas violation over here - Mickey Mouse Christmas migggght be on in the background...)

I'll admit, I have a hard time watching the little film (listening to the sound of my voice is so rattling, and I'm not being self-deprecating here), but I do stand by the tips and encouragement that I shared. I am so passionate about families continuing to have adventures, even after the little ones arrive and disrupt all the perfectly-crafted travel itineraries:)

Many many thanks to all of you who tuned in and supported me - I am so grateful for those of you who continue to visit this site and lend a positive voice to this community. Your comments are always so touching and really give me a sense of what resonates with you. You guys are seriously THE BEST. You can't tell, but I'm hugging my lap top right now, and pretending its you.