What to Wear on Valentines Day? 3 Looks to Inspire with Fab'rik!

Got plans for Valentines Day? Then you need something special to wear! Whether you have a date with Netflix, a date with your sweetheart, or a date with your girlfriends, these options are sure to encourage your day-of-love plans. I'm excited to bring you three Valentines looks today, in partnership with Fab'rik!

Let me just give you the tiniest bit of background on this remarkable boutique, and you will understand why I reached out to them to collaborate on this post. Since relocating back to the Atlanta area, Fab'rik has become my go-to shop whenever I need to find something gorgeous and affordable. When I was looking for a dress to wear to a dear friend's wedding in Rome, I collapsed through the front doors of Fab'rik and begged for the stylists' help. I might have waited a bit too long to actually look for something, and suddenly the trip was upon us and you don't just want to wear any old thing to a wedding in ITALY, right?! Not only did they find me the perfect dress in under ten minutes, but they had a little play area set up in the store for my little 10-month-old (at the time) son Everett to gallivant in, stocked with toys and a baby gate, so that I could do my shopping with some peace of mind. The customer service was through the roof - they brought me all the sizes I could need, along with bottled water and an honest opinion when I tried on those 6 dresses really fast. I came back to the first one I tried on, and the deal was done. It was such an easy experience, and I felt like everyone in that store was on my side, wanting to help me in my miniature moment of need. Any mom of a toddler can sympathize - if you find a place to shop where you child doesn't absolutely lose their mind, then it's going on the list of "will visit again". But to find a place where my son is semi-comfortable and I get a little attention, encouragement and, let's just be honest, help? It's going on the "miraculous" list.

Fab'rik has been my go-to spot since moving back to my hometown. Today I'm excited to share three looks to inspire your upcoming Valentines Day plans - whether you will be flirting over cocktails or weeping to your 40th viewing session of Pride and Prejudice, we styled these looks with every scenario in mind!

Dress: Fab'rik Ruffle Hem Sweater Dress in Red / Boots: Qupid Nixon in Grey Oil / Bag: Fab'rik / Bracelets: Fabulina

Boots: Anne Michelle Steppup in Chestnut Black / Clutch: GS Snakeskin in Charcoal / Top: Fab'rik Off The Shoulder Top in Black / Jeans: Paige Verdugo Skinny in Blackshadow / Necklace: Fabulina

Booties: Joia Perforated in Grey / Jeans: Flying Monkey Distressed Skinny in Rivercreek / Sweater: Dakota Chenille Boyfriend Sweater in White / Necklace: Fabulina

I hope your Valentines Day is stylish, comfortable and brimming with love! If you're interested in snagging a few of these pieces, stop in to your local Fab'rik (you can find your nearest location here). Many thanks to Jamie, Rewa and Sydney at Fab'rik PTC for partnering with Oy! on this post :)

*All photos by Sydney Frost.