Happening Lately + Thank You!

Happy Weekend, friends!

I don't normally post on the weekends, but I wanted to share a quick update about what's happening over here in our corner of the world and give you some thanks.

Stevie's been in and out of town lately for work, so Everett and I have been partners in crime, sending an insane amount of selfies to the different parts of the world that Stevie finds himself in. We miss him so much when he's gone. In fact, as Everett is getting older and more aware, he's reacting more intensely the longer his daddy is gone :( It's an adjustment for all of us.

I've been writing more and more lately, and honestly, I'm having trouble figuring out the balance of being the good mom I want to be and doing the kind of quality work I want to do. But this influx of work has me assessing how I spend every moment of my day, and I am doing my best to churn wasted minutes into productivity. I definitely don't have it all figured out. But I am on a learning curve!

Everett Outdoors.jpg

Low and behold, Everett and I have been sick. AGAIN. I am baffled by how often he and I have caught this cold virus thing this season. I know tons of people have been fighting this cold crap, but why?? Is it because of all the insane changing weather? It was 75 degrees two days ago, and as I write this, its 27 degrees. So this past week I put a pause on all my workouts and have been sleeping as much as possible when he sleeps. I started taking this Buried Treasure Acute Cold and Flu Immune Support, due to the glowing recommendation from Natalie, my dear healthiest friend (who is literally never sick due to taking this stuff). It's only been two days and I'm already feeling better. PRAISE. It must be the Myrrh ingredient listed on the bottle. I mean, if it's good enough for Christ, right? Everett's on the up and up again, too. I hate to be that person who is like, PLEASE GET HERE, SPRING. But with all this shifting weather, I'm just ready for some consistency. So yeah, Spring is on my radar. Plus, I've been dreaming some garden dreams.

This is real. My camelia in the back yard is blooming! Everett and I go outside and visit the bush each day.

This is real. My camelia in the back yard is blooming! Everett and I go outside and visit the bush each day.

I'm officially on my last week of Whole30, you guys. I can't believe it. It's been a really good, really hard experience. Harder than I would have imagined. But I actually feel healthier (other than the random cold situation) and I will definitely share more about it here once I'm completely done. I am excited for Wednesday! If you think of me at about 7pm (Everett's bedtime), I will be breaking out some wine and chocolate in celebration of reaching the finish line.

This photo was taken pre-Whole30. Fear not, dairy police.

This photo was taken pre-Whole30. Fear not, dairy police.

I wanted to take a moment to say an extra special THANK YOU to everyone who took my reader survey for the blog. There was some really insightful feedback and I read every single comment and statistic. I appreciate all your thoughtful input and suggestions. I love the kind of content that I create here (duh, it's my blog), but you gave me some really interesting things to think about as I move forward with my blogging calendar. I will be incorporating some of your suggestions into new content, so you can look forward to me stretching myself in new ways in the coming weeks months! Don't worry, I'm not planning on making any major changes - in fact, most everything here is going to remain steady as always. I will be incorporating a bit more beauty and wellness content this year, since its part of my life but I've purposely not shared much about those things in the past. But I am a girl! Those are parts of my life and I'm more comfortable owning that and sharing those things these days, and since so many people asked for more of that, I am happy to branch off in that direction just a bit.

I am really grateful for all your support, friends! Thanks for being such peppy encouragers. I hope you have the happiest Superbowl weekend :) xox