Lets Talk About Dreams.


Dreams deferred.




cut short.

Dreams achieved, only to realize that the hope of the dream was more fun than the result.

Dreams lost.


Lack of a dream.

Reemergence of a dream.

In the midst of a dream.

Will the dream ever come true?

Am I enough? Have my mistakes held me back? Has my fear gotten in the way? Surely I don't have enough skills/money/talent/drive/discipline/connections to make that dream a reality... right?


Wrong. I think you're wrong.

I think your dream is beautiful and you need to make your dream come true.

Listen, I don't know what you're dreaming about today. You might not even think that you have dreams anymore. But I'll bet money that somewhere, deep in your heart, buried in your gut, hiding out on a dusty shelf in your mind, there is a dream. Pulsing. Waiting. Waiting for you to acknowledge it. Waiting for you to receive it and hug it and give it all your attention.

I bet you're scared.

That's okay. The good dreams usually ignite a healthy kind of fear. Don't think about that too much. Just do it. Figure out the first step. Make a plan. Read a book. Talk to a mentor. Figure out a way to get the dream out of your head and into your hands. Because it's time.

It's time for your dream to come true.

You might think this is a lot of big talk coming from me. But I feel so passionate about making dreams a reality, both yours and mine, because I have taken a lot of risks over the years. I've tried to make my dreams a reality. Some of them have become a reality. Some of them haven't. Some of them have felt like failures. And some dreams have surprised me by sneaking up from behind and then coming true in the most unpredictable kind of way. I can't wait to share more with you over the next several weeks. I am a little scared to share my failures with you. But I'm more scared NOT to. Because if my journey can help someone, who am I to stand in the way? I'm going to get out of the way, so that I can get in your way. And tell you how amazing your dreams are. :) Are you ready?