Signs of Spring.

I spent two days on my hands and knees back in the fall, digging holes in my front yard and dropping papery bulbs deep in the cool earth. I had no idea what I was doing. I was never taught how to garden. And I thought there was a mistake with these bulbs, because they looked strangely like onions. I didn't know bulbs were supposed to look like onions. Thankfully, they are, and I must have followed the directions somewhat correctly, because over the past week - my flowers have sprung alive! I absolutely love spring, and this year I am especially excited to be celebrating this special awakening of the woods from my own corner of the world. Watching the season resurrect in every plant and tree and yes, even the weeds, that surround my home has been the sweetest experience. This place feels so much like home that its almost strange. Because in reality, I haven't lived here for very long. But I absolutely love and adore my little home with its old cedar frame and weathered wooden fence. I love the odd exterior shade of green and the aged shrubs and the birds that spiral around my yard like the gentlest halo. I love watching my son roll around in the not-yet-lush grass and throw his ball in the yard and yelp with laughter when Stevie tackles him to the ground. I love all these moments, especially their recent increase, along with the rising temperatures and the growing flora and the longer sunshine in the sky. I'm sure everyone feels the exact same way about Spring. But I must say, I'm feeling those feelings. And it's even more fun to watch Everett experience the surprises of Spring. He tried to grab a fistful of my tulips. That was a teaching moment. About how hard mommy worked and how he needs to appreciate the flowers for their tender gracious beauty.

Being barefoot and drinking coffee on my front porch and feeling the balmy breeze and watching these flowers unfold. My son's extra-long hair. My unpolished toenails. His protruding toddler belly. My untanned skin. My husband's type-A plan for the lawn. These are signs of Spring in our little corner of the world. And for me, there is really nothing better than right now.