Planting Seeds.

I've been planting. Like, actually planting literal seeds. And I tell you what, there is a lot of parallel between learning how to grow plants and learning how to grow myself.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about dreams. Dreams in my heart. Ones I've had in the past, dreams I currently have, even dreams that have waned tired and heavy with the years. Those dreams start out as small as the slightest, most unassuming seed. FYI, poppy seeds are the smallest I've come across during my extremely short tenure as a gardener. I seriously can't wait to see those poppies burst forth out of my yard. But seeds! If they are allowed a mess of nutritious variables, they can grow as hefty and mighty as a California Redwood. It's a bit confounding, when the "duhhhhh" moment hits. Like, seeds are so tiny. They need a lot of help along the way. They're helpless if they can't get all their needs met. Absolutely every single need must be met, or else they absolutely won't bloom. They need really healthy nutrients and a lot of support and a substantial amount of tenderness. They need the brightest light to bring out all their best qualities and they need relentless amounts of water to purity their roots. They need love. Acts of service. They need someone looking after them.

Are you getting what I'm saying?

Seeds you guys. We are all little seeds. Our dreams. They are seeds. And as I've been carefully placing these poppy, tomato and rosemary seeds into individual trays and pushing soil over the top and watering them gently, as to not jostle their placement under the bit of earth they call home, I've been thinking about this. My dreams. They deserve this much attention and respect. Who knows. One of my dreams could blossom as beautifully as a peppy Icelandic poppy. Or even as vastly as the widest stretching Redwood in the forest. I don't want mine to be the ones that wither. And I'm sharing this with you because I don't want yours to be, either.

What about you, friend? Have you planted your dream? It may feel so tiny today. But it's pretty amazing to fathom the potential of that tiny little dream, especially if you give it everything it needs to grow.

Just my seeds for thoughts today.