The Things Everett Says.

My child is talking up a STORM. He is the chattiest person in our house, and that's saying a lot - because I live there, too. It is an incredibly wild ride watching him grow from the baby he was to the talkative, vivacious toddler that he is. Yes, it's pretty cool that he can tell me what he wants and communicate so clearly, but I must say that there is a bit of a caveat to his verbal nature - it is accompanied by outbursts of all kinds, including the screaming, yelping rude public outbursts that always come at the most inconvenient of times. So although it's amazing that he is chatty and funny and all that - this development of his isn't without its own parenting challenges for me. The next time you see a child roaring like a lion, slamming his body to the ground and proclaiming "No no no no no!!!" on the floor of a restaurant/grocery store/any store with the vigor of a hungry hyena, please try to remember that that child's mother is trying, so desperately, to keep composed while simultaneously disciplining AND nurturing that child. Please have a bit of grace. And please say hello, because it could very well, be me with my kid :)

I thought I would share some of the funnier things Everett has been externally processing lately, because, well, I think they're just funny. And they keep me laughing even when I'm exhausted from this thing called motherhood.

"I want fa-pa!"
(I want pasta.)

"Watoo ew-wa-whooo!"
(Water everywhere. From the fountain. Or the bath tub. Or the cup he purposely spilled over so he could say "water everywhere!")

"Mommy es prrrretty."
(He says, as he rubs my painted nails. He notices every time I paint my nails a new color, and he always compliments them. Yes, it kind of makes me melt inside.)

(Stevie's been speaking some Spanish words to him, and this one is his favorite.)

"Pa-pa-perrr eh bath in tees."
(The woodpecker needs a bath in the trees. Back story - I yell at a wood pecker every morning that tries to feast on our house. Everett is fascinated by the wood pecker and is very concerned that he doesn't take enough baths. All the live long day, he talks about the wood pecker and how he needs a bath up in those trees.)

"Fossee Mommy."
(Sorry Mommy. I laugh every time, because please say the word "fossee" out loud. It just sounds SO FUNNY.)

"Ma'am, ma'am"
(His way of saying "yes ma'am", which is usually accompanied with the above, "fossee, mommy".)

"Daddy home!"
(This is pretty straightforward, but he says it every time his dad comes home. From a work trip, or just work, he yelps with glee and jumps into his arms. If I were Stevie I would feel like a rock star every single time. Because that's how gleeful my child gets about daddy coming home.)

"Helping, helping."
(Goodness, he tries to "help" with everything. It's so hilarious especially when its totally not helpful. But he's super cute and tries to help with everything lately! He tries to put groceries on the conveyor belt at the store, throw his own trash away and bring things up the stairs.)

My little boy is growing faster than I can record. I want to remember every quirky, wonderfully raw moment with him, because I swear that I will blink my eyes and he will suddenly be a senior in high school. The time is going so fast, friends. *Cue the ugliest of all mommy cries.*