Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I am so ready to unplug.

Aren't you?

This is it, the kick off weekend to SUMMER! How are you planning on spending this holiday weekend, friends? We are half-planned, half-unplanned. I like a bit of spontaneity when we have free time (because that practically never happens!) and I like having the freedom to do whatever sounds like fun on a whim. Like, "Let's take the golf carts and go get popsicles!" or "let's go to the food truck park and try everything that scares us!" You know, that sort of thing. Gosh that doesn't make me sound very cool. Guess the secret's out.

I love these pictures of me and Everett, taken a few weeks ago (before he got a much-needed haircut!) He is in love with his summer hat and was sweet enough to share. What a sweetie.

As for the plans for the weekend, Stevie and I staying over night in Atlanta tonight, to get some time away together. We literally can't remember the last time we went on a date (I know, that's so bad), so we have dinner reservations somewhere we've never been and then we are going to see our friend's show tonight. As for the rest of the weekend, there are so many fun things happening in the city, including the Atlanta Jazz Festival! Also, we kind of want to go to IKEA to get Everett a coloring table for his bedroom, because now that he's not in school, I want to do more crafty projects with him at home. Oh, and we have blueberry bushes to plant :) Reeeeeeally wild plans over here. But I'm excited for the three-day weekend!

How are you spending the weekend? Any fun ideas for creative things to do, even if you're staying in town? Have such a wonderful, refreshing, relaxing weekend, friends!