Toddler Date at the Zoo!

Last weekend we paid Zoo Atlanta a little visit with Everett's "friend" (we say girlfriend, but don't want to be too obviously pushy... who am I kidding??) The last time I took Everett to the zoo, he wasn't that into it, so I'm glad that this time around he was super excited and engaged. He absolutely loved the giraffes and elephants, and kept yelling "MORE ANIMALS!" after each animal exhibit. We did a lot of the "extra" zoo stuff, like feeding the giraffes and riding the train and spinning on the Merry Go Round. It's so much fun going places like the Zoo with kids, because it makes you feel alive again. It makes you remember how freaking cool it is that these animals live on the Earth, so enormous and beautiful and exotic.

A few (alright, more than a few) pictures below of our time at the zoo with friends and Everett's "friend" :)

Preparing to feed the giraffes. Finley wasn't so sure.

Amazing!!! So so cool!

Laughing with the Atlanta Zoo Giraffe.jpg

This is my favorite thing ever. Look at my happy blonde boys :)

Sweet Babes.jpg

Kind of a lame/blurry photo, I know, but he was really into the gorillas.

He was also really into baby Hollen, sweet Finley's new little sis.

The Merry Go Round! I stayed on for approximately 3 minutes before leaping off due to nausea. I think I freaked out the Merry Go Round attendant.

Just so you know, about half the photos I ever take have Everett doing something like this. It's not always rainbow and sunshine and laughter. Sometimes it's attitude, discipline and coping mechanisms.

And then we rode the choo choo train!

Train Date.jpg

I'm dying here. WE DID NOT MAKE THEM DO THIS. It just came natural.

We had such a great day at the zoo (even though it was like 150 degrees and I was having mild heat stroke), and it made me reeeeeelly excited about taking Everett to Disney World in the fall. He did so great with all the exhibits and I just know he will be absolutely dumbfounded at all the whimsical fantastic-ness of The Magic Kingdom.

We absolutely love Zoo Atlanta and we will have to make a return trip in the fall. Because of the heat on this particular day, we didn't get to see the lions or the elephants because they were hiding out in their dens. I don't blame them. If I had a lair, I would milk that. Especially in this insane Georgia heat/humidity.

How are you enjoying your summer with your family? Any fun family ideas you can offer? We want to keep trying fun activities as a family of three before we have another little person arrive this winter! xox

P.S. I am wearing this Tart Maternity dress and this Clement cuff (c/o Le Tote), and these Anthropologie earrings and sandals. Everett is wearing this top from and these shorts from Old Navy, and Stevie is wearing who knows what. I should probably shop for him a little more.