Happy 2nd Birthday, Everett!

Tonight when I was putting you into bed, at the very last moment, you wrapped your arms around my neck and placed your head to sweetly on my shoulder. You sighed softly and said, "My mommy." I was so taken aback - this wasn't something you had ever done. So of course I answered, "My Everett", and you replied, "My mommy", and we did this over and over again. About ten times in total. Then you leaned your body down, motioning that you were ready for bed.

I laid you down, my memory flooding with the moments of being in labor with you, exactly two years before. My Everett.

I am overwhelmed by how tender you are, how unbelievably sensitive and outspokenly sweet you are. You are all boy, with the yelling and the stomping and the throwing balls at all the furniture in the house. But then you are also my Everett, telling me my dress is beautiful (true story - every single time I wear a dress, he says, "Mommy dress beautiful") and noticing when I actually fix my hair ("Mommy take shower? Mommy, what with this hair?"). You are a mountain of a person - so full of life and love and goodness, that I am convinced that the world is a precious place, just because you are in it.

I can't believe you're two today. This second year of your life has been teeming with adventure - you took your first steps the week of your 1st birthday, just a few days after moving into this new house. You started "school" and hated it so much it made both of us cry. Thank goodness you realized how much fun it can be when you let your teachers and friends love on you. You learned to throw a ball and a frisbee and swing at the playground and run fast. You broke your leg. That really sucked. But we watched you heal and it made both my muscles and my heart stronger, carrying you and caring for you. You are a person of great boldness and courage and strength. I couldn't be prouder of you, little son.

Your favorite things these days? You love bagels. Fire trucks. Dinosaurs. ELMO. The color green. Playing outside. Riding on the golf cart. When Dad gets home from work. Wearing your hat backwards. Wearing Nikes. Eating waffles. Balloons. "Flying" with Dad. Reading books before bed. Fruit snacks. Bird watching! And a million other things, because you love a lot. You're the best thing in my world. It's such a privilege being your mom.

I love you so much, Everett. Happy 2nd Birthday, my boy.

P.S. - My mushy thoughts on Everett's 1st birthday.