So it begins...

I have been tossing around the idea of writing a blog for almost a year. However, it stressed me out to think of having to come up with a blog "theme" or "title", because that felt like I would be dropping a big concrete box around my (seemingly) vast and wondrous world. Some people have blogs devoted to cooking, DIY projects, fashion and design, or even just the witty tales of their burgeoning family. I don't really have a burgeoning family to brag about (extended family - yes, but fruits from my own womb? We haven't arrived at that chapter, yet.)

However, upon entering a new season of life, I feel like it's time to record my thoughts and mark the chapters of this adventure. What adventure, you ask? Selling my possessions, leaving my responsibilities, and moving my life to Boston, Massachusetts. My brilliant husband has just been accepted to Harvard Business School, and we are thrilled and slightly overwhelmed at the journey before us.

So choosing my theme suddenly became a little easier, but choosing a title was a bit harder. I stared at the blank "sign-up" screen for about 20 minutes. I took a break and made some coffee, then came back and stared at the blank title screen. How do I describe my life? How do I put it into one sentence, or worse, one word? What is the common thread joining my thought life with my everyday life experiences? I mean, there are the obvious answers: Jesus, his love for me, my love for him, my basic and positive perception of the world, and the general pursuit of happiness... I go to school, I cook, I believe myself to be a creative person. I sing, I work out, and I attempt to read for pleasure. But none of these things seem big enough or important enough to focus an entire blog on. So I chose a silly title. And if you actually know what this title means, leave me a daring comment and you will impress my socks off.

So from here on out, "Oy with the poodles, already" will be a myriad of thoughts, rants, opinions, and goofy life happenings. And if I know you well enough, be assured that you will make your way into  this collection stories.  Let the games begin!