Missing in Action

I have been MIA. With good reason.

Recap: Finished Spring Semester. It was kickin'. Celebrated Mother's Day. Those women deserve it. I did a Maymester. While working full-time. That hurt a bit. Lauren Ramsey, my dearest school buddy, you made those two tedious weeks possible. Along with string cheese. I forgot that back in my lunch box days, I really dug some good string cheese action. I went to the beach with my family. God shone down upon me during those glorious days, and I let his dear, bright sun soak into my soul. And my skin. I have the sun poisoning to prove it.

While at the beach, I read "Water for Elephants." It's the first book I've ever read that is starring Reese Witherspoon. It was somber and great all at once. Praise the lord. Vacation is delicious. And now I want to go see the movie.

A few more photos that encapsulate some good Serenbe-family time. We have celebrated my mom there every year. (We were practicing our fake smiles, can you tell?)

Most recently, I spent the past two days with my intern buddies. We conquered the Camp Winshape ropes course up at Berry College in Rome, Ga. It was awesome, and much harder than I had anticipated. I climbed a 45-foot rock wall. I was reminded about how much heights really flip me out. But it was still awesome. And this crew of interns that Chick-fil-A has compiled are all seriously sharp individuals. Vanessa Vogel, I am so flipping excited to spend the summer with you! We are going to have a cow-mooing-blast.

Now that I am past all of this past month's busyness, I am back to the realization that I am moving. Soon.  And I have to get myself organized accordingly. Which means I actually have to start going through my stuff and PURGING. Which means we have to commit to an apartment up north. Which means that I need to have a garage sale this month. And I need to craigslist my bigger items. It's happening people. It's happening.