Fave: My Girls

Girls, Girls Girls

Did I ever mention my family obsession? Yeah, I have that. Thankfully, I had the privilege of hosting both of my sisters and my cousin (who is literally like a sis) when they came up and visited good ol’ Boston. We ate, we drank and we laughed incessantly. It was food for my soul. And liver, teeth, esophagus… you get my point. It was righteous. And so long overdue.

Painting the Town

We visited a few of my favorite Cambridge spots, including dinner at Grafton Street Pub, whoopee pies at Clover and drinks at John Harvard’s. We got up early in the morning and did the Freedom Trail Run (one of my favorite Boston activities) and then enjoyed the best clam chowder in the world at Union Oyster House, which is only known as America’s oldest restaurant. We also spent a little time shopping at Anthropologie (the mother ship) and watched a very strange movie.  We were busy little betties, but we had so much fun.

Over-dramatic Emotions, You Are Welcome Here

You know when you just need girl time? You need to be able to vent, laugh, cry and get your head screwed on straight with truthful advice from those who love you most (and let you get away with things least.) It was such a beautiful time and was, unfortunately, cut short due to Hurricane Sandy. My sister and cousin flew out a little early to ensure they could make it home on time, which ended up being a very wise move. My big sis had a flight a few hours later in the day, so we avoided the rain storm together before she had to depart. All in all, it was a treasured weekend. Do you have a special band of women in your life that strengthen, encourage and just “get” you? Take a moment to reach out and thank them for their investment in your life. We are lucky ladies to have each other, and girls, we gotta stick together!