New England: Apple Picking

Apple Season Is Upon Us.

I like to reminisce about past adventures. I mean, that's kind of the point, right? To remember the good times? So when it's cold and bitter outside (I live in Cambridge - it gets BITTER), you can remember the warm sunny-ness of Spring. Or the cool ripe crispy Autumn air. And the laughter. And the good outfits you wore. Cmon, you know that in all your best memories you are dressed to the nines. 

This is a not-so-distant flashback. A few weeks ago (prior to the Thanksgiving baking and unearthing of my grandmotherly crochet needles), we went apple picking at Tougas Farm. I know that apple picking is what all the cool kids are doing these days, but that's not why I pick. In my opinion, apple picking is the most charming and memorable fall activity. And I happen to be very, very good at it. Well, I mean, I'm very good at being enthusiastic about it.

It's An Event.

I love the whole process: wearing fall clothes, taking an excessive amount of photos and devouring cider donuts whilst assessing the ripeness, firmness, and color of each apple. I shop the aisles, really. And there are so many varietals (yes, I said varietals) so the recipe options are endless – some apples are best for baking, some are best for eating in the raw. You like that? Eating in the raw. Like the sugar.

Apple picking with friends only ups the anty. You can have the shared experience of making apple-ish shenanigans (as in, getting yelled at by the apple farm police. Yes, this really happened. To me.) In my case, having friends along for the ride also lends the supportive camaraderie needed when you beg your husband to let you buy a second 20-lb. bag for more apples (because 1 is clearly never enough.) Also in my case, my husband never relents and I spend about 10 minutes pouting before moving on to the next shiny object I can find. Or I eat a second cider donut.

And Again.

Also, there are often pumpkins and petting zoos and hayrides. Why don’t we apple pick more than once a year??

I loved apple picking so much that I wrote an article about it for my husband’s school paper, The Harbus.  Like I said - I had WAY too much fun.

Now that we are all easing into true wintery crispness (the hefty puffer coat has come out of the closet), I wanted to share this lovely adventure with you so that we can all reminisce about our favorite fall activities. What was your favorite autumn expedition? And if you say apple picking, I want to see links/pics the pies you baked!