Cheer, Carols and Ugly Sweaters

Christmas Eve at home in Georgia means Christmas caroling, dorky sweaters and delicious spiked beverages. Oh, and fantastic food that takes an unnecessary amount of time to prepare with my hilariously warm family. Yes, I bake all day with my mom and sisters (in our pjs), invite tons of friends and family over to dinner and then bundle up and walk door-to-door singing carols for people. We seriously do this. My dad prints sheet music and we have guitars. It's not even funny to joke about being a family band, because that is essentially what we are. The von Trapp family has nothing on us. Stevie's favorite Christmas quote is from Buddy the Elf, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear." Well, this year our caroling troupe was equipped with 4 toddlers and a newborn along with the normal crowd of goofballs so our cheer was off the charts. Off the charts. We crooned for the neighborhood and didn't get any tomatoes thrown our way. Success.

I hope your Christmas was fantastic and brimming with surprise. This is truly the most magnificent time of the year. I have plenty of more ridiculous and endearing photos to share from my short amount of time home, so stay posted. And stay warm!