Favorite Thing: Cookie Exchange

Happy Tuesday! Do you remember my attempt last week at making hottie Christmas cookies? Well, it was for a purpose. I don't make a habit out of whipping up cookies from scratch. My dear friend Carrie organized a cookie exchange and the Anise Italian Cookies were my contribution. Joined by my fellow Cambridge buds, we exchanged home-made goods and shared a little story about the cookie's significance to us.

Milk and Cookies

These lovely ladies really know what they're doing. I tasted cookies I've never even heard of before, including German delicacies and cookies sent to soldiers during WWII. See? Eating can be cultural AND historical. Santa is so, so lucky.

"They're Italian and kind of peppery...?"

I had to explain my monster cookies, although there wasn't much to be said for them. I just moved on real fast. We can't all be June Cleaver.


We got a little visit from some hungry boys. They simply couldn't stay away at the thought of yummy appetizers and cookies being consumed. See how my husband tries to talk his way in the door? Emily and Carrie got a kick out of it. Why don't guys get it? Sometimes, boys just aren't allowed!

Yum. What a perfect way to celebrate with my fave ladies before we all take off for the holiday break. Have you ever participated in a cookie exchange? If so, did your cookies take the cake?

Bon Appetit!