Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

It's time to think about that man in your life. Buying a Christmas gift for a man-dude-friend is so hard. What in the world do you give? More importantly, what does your gift say to him? If you're married like me, any gift you give just says love. Whether it's a set of golf clubs or the brand of underwear he likes, it all falls in the category of "I love you and I'm taking care of you." I like to refer to this as love slash care. But if you're shopping for a man-dude-friend and you aren't so sure that you're at the "love slash care" point in your relationship, what do you buy? Plus, what about your Dad, grandfather, brother, cousin, BFF...? They deserve something awesomely thoughtful, too! So stop eying that boring plaid button down (that he probably already has in 12 colors from HIS MOM) and check out the following guide for some truly unique (and memorable) gifts for him.

1. Williams Sonoma Beer Making Kit, $39.95

For the creative man who like to craft his own beverages, this is the perfect gift. It allows you to mix up the included hops, barley, yeast and spices to create a one-of-a-kind brewsky. Created by the Brooklyn Brew Shop and offered via Williams Sonomathis kit is truly unique and fun. Both of my brothers-in-law would love this, and yours will too!

2. J. Crew Leather Flask, $42.50

This flask will warm your heart as well as your spirit! For those cold days when a shot of bourbon won't hurt, this is a fun and lighthearted gift for the man who likes to have a good time. Leather-bound and made of stainless steel, this J. Crew item seems like the perfect gift for Dad or grandpa (if your dad is anything like mine!) The only way to amplify this gift? Include a bottle of his choice beverage, as well.

3. Vintage World Maps Calendar, $21.50

Does he like to travel? Probably so. Let him dream of future excursions by the month with this gorgeous vintage-style 2013 calendar offered by Anthropologie. DIY Alert: After the month has passed, you could always cut out the map and frame it for a friend with an interest in that country! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

4. The Art of Shaving Kit, $25

This is a gift gone right, and I know from personal experience. I got this for my man a few years ago and he, surprisingly, loved it. It may look a little fancy and the store is definitely upscale, but this Starter Kit is modestly priced and, apparently, gave him the best shave of his life. It comes with a pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave balm and a badger-hair brush in a few different scents, but the unscented is the one I went with and it still smelled great. Pamper him a bit, why don't ya?

5. Moleskin "The Hobbit" Notebook (Special Edition), $16.95

With the movie dropping Dec. 14, this is a timely and thoughtful gift for the man who loves his Tolkien (not that I would know anything about an obsessive love for this man and his life's work...) Moleskin is offering an exclusive edition of the classic notebook with this etched-leather pocket ruled notebook. There may or may not be a map of Wilderland included in the back... this is an awesome gift! I'm silent screaming right now!!!

6. The North Face eTip Gloves, $45

Practical. Efficient. Weatherproof. Where I live, these gloves are a necessity. It's bitter to bare your hands while dialing on your iPhone. These allow full user mobility on any device, and you don't have to brave the harsh cold while texting. Invest in your man's hands and surprise him with these bad boys, black North Face eTip Gloves, first seen on here.

Happy Shopping!