Dreamscape: Celebrating the Musicia

Let's Celebrate.

I think it's important to take time to recognize people in your life who have accomplished extraordinary things. Ordinary people who dream of spectacular and impossible things. As children, we actually believe that we can become ballerinas, doctors and astronauts. In reality, those professions are next to impossible to actually do. The training, education and experience is often cutthroat, demanding and, even if you submit your life over to such a dream, the success rate is oh-so low. Which is why I want to take a moment to celebrate Josh Fisher.


I've known Josh my entire life. Our families are old friends and we grew up vacationing together, going to church together celebrating holidays. Josh is several years older than me, so he was always the cool older brotherly-type guy in the church youth group with the long wild red hair and wicked sense of humor. Josh dreamed of playing drums for a living. You could chalk this up to a nearly-impossible profession like the astronaut. So few people ever really make a spankin' living as a musician. But Josh was relentless. He pursued his love for drumming and sharpened his talent throughout middle and high school and had the opportunity to play with some significant, professional Christian bands during his twenties. You can only imagine my excitement when Josh officially became a part of the family, marrying my stunningly-beautiful cousin Lisa (who rivals him with her fiercely witty humor and altogether awesomeness.) A match made in Heaven. Lisa, being the kickass wife that she is, fully supported Josh's pursuit of music. I have watched them in amazement over the years, knowing that it probably isn't always easy pursuing one's dreams. They have remained unfailing in their love for one another and their passion for music. It's one thing to talk about dreams. It's entirely another thing to fight for the dream, sacrifice for it, never knowing if the sacrifice will be worth it. Training for that hoped-for moment of success. Waiting with fear-laced, bated breath for the day the scales tip in your favor, the day someone recognizes your talent, the day you are promoted into living your dream. Josh and Lisa have displayed that die-hard vigor for pursuing the magic in their hearts. They are some of the few who know what it means to walk in faith.

Enter, Jesus Culture.

Last week, I went to see Josh play in front of 70,000 people at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta with his band, Jesus Culture. I watched in thrill and awe as this inspiring, unfailing man rocked the house with his hypnotizing, rhythmic talent. I looked around and saw the faces of strangers all around me, moving to the music, lost in the moment. I saw him on the big screen as the cameras zoomed in on his drum solos. It was an epic moment. He was living it. His time had arrived. There he was, living in the middle of his dream, down there on that impressive stage.


Josh's life is a testimony, an inspired omen to all of us who hope and wonder if our time, and our dreams, will ever come to pass. He has proved that getting in the business of pursuing dreams is the most fulfilling way to live. There will surely be moments where fear creeps in, but that fear is a choice. In his case, he smashed that fear like a cymbal (that's my only attempt at drum humor, I promise).

It's Time.

What does Josh's story mean to me? I think it is so vitally important to celebrate those around you who have their crowning moment of dream glory. It is a such a beautiful and rare thing to experience the pure joy of dreams come true. If you have a dream that scares you to pieces, the best way to overcome that fear is to take a selfless moment and celebrate others. Stop thinking about you. I dare you to look around; I'll bet you will begin to see people all around you that are truly extraordinary, accomplishing significant feats. Focusing on another's dream will create a raw gratitude in your own heart, and will give you ammo to move forward in your own pursuit of excellence. Thanks to Josh, I am sure of the powerful strength of our human nature. We are brilliant, beautiful, curious and a reflection of our maker. Let's get on it. 2013 is ripe and ready for our mark on this world.