Favorites: Pretty and Bitter + Handful of Goodies

Monday Mashup.

Happy Monday! I am happy to be back in my cozy apartment in Cambridge. Stevie and I went for a run last night, and I just have to say... wow. It was painful for the entire 2 miles. And not just because I was running, ha. I know that 25 degrees isn't that cold, but it was windy along the Charles River and my body just hurt the entire time. Since I practically got frost bite while taking the above photos, I just had to share them. Pretty and bitter all at once.

Favorite Things.

I have a few inspiring links to share. Hopefully these little goodies will help you power through the week Everyone likes free music, hot recipes and gorgeous art work, right? Enjoy!

...Warm Me Up: Winter Kale and 2-Bean Soup

My dear friend Natalie whipped up this recipe. I made it last night after the God-awful run, and it really lifted my spirits. It's super healthy and packed with protein. I love having a friend who creates delicious, fit-fueling recipes!

...Pantone Color of the Year: Emerald

I missed the big unveiling of this year's color, but I read about it on Closet Memoirs' blog. I'm just feeling inspired by all these emerald items. Great gift ideas, right? Valentines Day is on the horizon...

...Desktop Decor: Rebekka Seale Artwork

I am obsessed with Rebekka's blog. She is an artist that gives away free desktop calendar art each month. Her style is happy and warm. Get January's calendar here.

...Easy Listening: Crate & Barrel Playlist

After being gone for a month, I had a lot of mail to catch up on. Is it just me, or are Crate and Barrel's catalogs extremely cool these days? There was a link in the back of the mag for a free easy-listening playlist. It's been on repeat in our household. Get yours here.

...My Famous Kin: Tiffany & Co.

I just had to share this little bit. My sister is so pretty it's silly and her husband isn't too shabby, either. (You should see their baby. Its ridiculous.) They are featured on the Tiffany & Co. site in the "What Makes True Love True" photo gallery. How famous are they? Their wedding photo was chosen as part of this Valentine promotion. Bonus: You can send a free, personalized post card to someone you love. Get yours here!

Happy, happy Monday.