Georgia Woods

Sometimes you need a quiet getaway.  Noise can take a lot of different forms, but it mostly clouds your mind with rubbish and makes. you. crazy. That's when it's time for a wooded walk. One of the most beautiful parts about the great state of Georgia is its natural beauty. If you let nature captivate your attention, somehow your problems just seem to shrink.

The other day, Stevie and I stole an hour away for an adventure through the woods on his parent's land. We walked and talked and sat cross-legged in the leaves and stared up into the sky. We let the quiet settle around us until we realized it wasn't really quiet after all. The sound of the birds filled our surroundings and we realized that we had stopped listening to nature because the sound of our own problems in our head somehow seemed bigger. I realized I hadn't had a quiet moment in a long, long time. When the outdoors finally had my attention the chaos in my heart quieted down. 

I've learned that my logic does not always answer questions best, but getting outdoors and listening to nature often clears up the patches of stress inside my brain. Sometime I just need to be reminded that I am a teeny tiny person in a humongous world. Discovering a minuscule chute springing up from the Earth directly next to a hundred year old Oak reminds me to never despise small beginnings. Dreaming of the days to come, I'll have to keep that in mind.