New Years Review: Jell-O Shots and Sparkling Flannel

Sorry, Mayans.

New Years Eve 2013. It went down a week ago (plus two days, but who's counting?), and oh what a mighty fun time. Being that I celebrated with my family in the warmth of a cabin in the north Georgia woods, I rang in the New Year with pizazz. And in flannel. Don't worry, we wore a few sparkles in honor of 2013. We just rocked them along with our pjs and makeup-free faces (I think I accidentally left on an Origins facial mask for most of the day. Ah, the joys of not leaving the house. They were lucky if I even brushed my teeth.) The lovely Spencer family rang in the New Year in our own special way (specifically, my sisters and mom. The men avoided the sparkles, although I'm still not sure why. Steven Tyler has no problem with such things.)

Hello, Jell-O.

My knockout-of-a-model sister Kara has a 3-year old son, so naturally Jell-O is a big part of her world. If you know her at all, you will know that her kind of Jell-O is probably home-made, organic and quite possibly biodegradable. However, she came across this recipe (which can be found on her Pinterest page, Get In My Belly) for Jell-O Champagne New Years shots and couldn't pass it up. She whipped them together for our little soiree (I was the taste-tester.) Yes, we lived it up. We partied like it was 1999. Do you remember New Years 1999? Good times. I was like, 13.

Kara made some slight alterations to the recipe. We couldn't find White Grape Sparkling Jell-O mix (there are some rumors that it has been discontinued), so we went old-school with the Strawberry flavor. That was a win. Even the boys partook. We are pretty lucky we found guys that embrace our shenanigans. Like, really really lucky.

Flannel + Sparkles.

We wore sparkles (duh, it was NYE), but it was a bit chilly so we cozied up in our slippers and flannel as well. My mom, being the classy broad she is, went with a honking-long strand of pearls. I love these ladies. They indulge me in all forms of silliness (evident here and here) and they just know how to celebrate well. We watched the Biebs and T-Sweezy perform on ABC and played poker whilst enjoying our Jell-O. This is my favorite way to celebrate the New Year, with my sweet family, a silly outfit and spiked gelatin. Bring it on 2013. Show me what you got.