Sunday Reflection: Developing that Character

Let's Dive In.

I've taken my precious time easing into this new year. Spending five weeks at home in Georgia sort of stunted my dive into the new year; I just kept feeling like I was still on Christmas break. Until last week. Yes, I'm aware it's almost February. The point is, I've had a bit of an awakening.

Oh, Self Awareness. How I (sort of) Loathe Thee.

In the recent days, I've had the privilege to be made aware of a few of my own personality quirks. "Quirks" is a nice word to use when describing oddities in one's own habits and character. I am thankful to have people in my life who love me enough to tell me the truth about my own quirks. (Again, I am using "quirks" to add an endearing characteristic to my somewhat less-than-exemplary qualities. It helps soften the blow.) The point is, we should all be so lucky to have people in our lives to point out our own blind spots. Kind of like when you have food in your teeth. Awkward as it may be, we NEED friends who will tell us. And if you've got them, hold on to them for dear life.

2013 is Here. Whether Or Not You're Ready For It.

The point of my confessional is that the new year is here and I believe that means there is a bit of grace for renewed behavior. I don't mean resolutions; I mean self-awareness. Self-awareness that I am still becoming who I am. And I am quite a bit unperfect. But I have hope!

Get Love In Your Life. The Painfully Good Kind.

If you don't have someone in your life to tell you what's up, I encourage you to get in a relationship that will give you that. Someone who loves you enough to be real; someone who is vulnerable with their own weaknesses and someone who is unafraid to confront. Love confrontations usually hurt but they are significantly important. Because right around the corner of a love confrontation is a glittering opportunity to behave nobly. I believe that.

If you do have a dear friend who knows you well enough to tell you the truth (in LOVE, that's a big part of this arrangement), then I encourage you to seek them out. Have a conversation. Give them permission to speak into your life and help you improve your "quirks" (you're starting to like that word, aren't you?) They will probably be surprised, but I assure you they will be touched by your vulnerability. And in all honesty,what do you have to lose? Your pride? Well, I can tell you from personal experience that losing pride is in your best interest. The possible outcome from this character-enriching experience? Well, hopefully, an even more amazing you.

Character is more important than professional success or fashion statements or intellectual bravado. It is fuel for all the other components of your life to flourish beautifully. Let's aim for that. Beautiful character will endure the seasons of our lives and shine through our wrinkly skin when we're a million years old.