Blizzard in the City

Finding Nemo.

Actually, Nemo found us.

Happy Monday to all of you! I hope your weekend was as fun as mine. Stevie and I stayed inside, munched on treats and watched movies on Netflix. And, at his request (I am not making this up), we started the latest season of Parenthood on Hulu. The man is obsessed. The snow fell and fell and fell and I was just glad that I, along with the rest of the city, had taken a trip to the grocery store before the blizzard set it. It was so lovely watching the snow come down, because for a couple of Georgians, we had never seen weather like this. Swirling, furious, relentless snow. And 24.9 inches later, all of New England was covered in a fleecy blanket of pure white. It was like a holiday card. Dreamy. Magnificent. Child-like wonder overtook us as we sipped our steamy coffee and gazed out our 4th-floor windows at the charm of the square.

The Romance. Is Over.

Unfortunately, the white has turned to sledge, which is a tasty shade of revolting brown. You simply cannot leave the house in anything but ski gear because your shoes will be ruined and your clothes will be covered in sleet. So yeah. Let's just say, I get why Northerners can be gruff. This weather doesn't bring out your best. But let's not focus on the ugly, let's just enjoy the magical wintery moments of bliss, shall we?

Ah, yes. A precious moment: this car. Is buried.

Leaping into snow. Because you just gotta.

Literally tumbling backwards in the snow. We did not mean to trip and fall, but the snow took three of us down.

Get Warm and Stay That Way.

So after several hours of prancing around in the fluffy accumulation on Saturday, we took a brief break in The Cellar, a wine bar right around the corner from where we live. Also one of the few places in Cambridge that was actually open after such an episode of weather drama. Stevie ordered me a martini, James Bond-style, and I did not refuse it. I've never had a straight up martini, but I kind of liked it. I would also like to drive a James Bond car, honey. Order me one of those, please?

Now that the snow is in giant heaps stacked on the sides of the road, I will be venturing out less than ever. A blizzard is fun, but the aftermath is unsavory. Think of me, all you southern belles. Remember me as you soak the sun into your tan skin. My own skin is fading into a milky shade of filmy white that is almost transparent. Not attractive. And can't venture outside without donning the equivalent of construction worker gear and an ice pick. So really, enjoy that green grass and sun shining high in the sky.