House of Blues: Backstage Pass

Band Stalker.

I feel like an accidental groupie. We aren't trying to follow Jesus Culture while they're on tour, but somehow they keep playing in our back yard. So we followed the lights. And this time, we somehow ended up with VIP access to Boston's House of Blues, where they played an oversold show. Many props to Scott Thompson, who spoke at the event, and my cousin Josh (remember?), who hooked us up and made the magic happen.

More Fun.

Once the show was over, the merch had been relinquished to squealing fans and the gear had been packed, we took a gander at the tour bus. Which means we walked on the bus, saw the bunk beds and then walked off the bus. I think the rest of the band thought we were legit stalking them because we had just seen them in Atlanta, but it's cool. It probably boosts their band esteem, actually. I'm good with that. It was a fun meshing of our worlds, as Stevie introduced our friends and classmates John and Charity to our cousin Josh and Atlantan friends Scott and Lacey. We jumped into the Feeney's car (7 people, 1 sedan, yes we did that) and headed down to our stomping grounds in Harvard Square. Dessert and tea at Finale made a lovely last stop for the evening. We laughed, munched and laughed some more. Being an accidental groupie is my new favorite hobby.

Taylor Swift, I'm coming at you next.