(Late) Morning Musings

Today I'm recovering from a weekend of skiing in Colorado. My limbs are soar, my eyes are tired but my heart is full as I anticipate this week's activities.


// Komodo Dragon roast coffee, English muffin slathered in this coconut oil. Delish.


// Rosewater + Video by Roost. Adding "Make my own rosewater" to the to-list.


// I stumbled across Nothing But Delicious, a Nashville-based blogger and food stylist. How does one become a food stylist? Figuring out a way to become that. It sounds so nice.


// One of these fine portraits from Rebekka Seale. I can't get over how lovely her work it. I like to taste my coffee, lean back in my chair, and become transformed to Alice in Wonderland-tranquil-like place when I simply look at her enticing paintings.


// Euro trip. Gotta purchase tickets this week. More to come on this impending adventure.


// My friend Savannah as she is featured on Minnetonka's Blogger Spotlight. I applaud your bravery and your insanely cool style.

Enjoy this wintery February day, my friends.