Monday Magic

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Oscars 2013 

Happy Monday, friends! Aren't the Oscars simply magical? I can't get over it. Anne Hathaway's acceptance speech was perfect; short and super, duper sweet. Jessica Chastain continues to wow me with her movie star glamour (I'm inspired by old-school-style actors, she was Julliard trained, hello talented one). And Jennifer Lawrence totally pulled off her on-stage fall as she accepted her own Oscar. Well played. I love cool girls. Especially ones who can laugh at themselves.

Photo Credit: Rob Strong

Putting Letters to Paper

I'm happy to share an article I wrote for this week's edition of The Harbus, the Harvard Business School newspaper, about a start-up business called Chef'd Up. A fun twist on dining with friends, the concept of Chef'd Up is one that brings Boston-area chefs into your home for an intimate and personalized dinner party. Great idea, and a great team of guys spearheading the business. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Sights Ahead.

I'm MORE than thrilled to share this next piece of news. After my husband graduates from business school in May, we are finally, definitely, legitimately, going to Europe! I've never been, and it's been a trip we've dreamed about for 6+ years. Tickets are officially purchased. OH MY GOSH. Many more details to come. But I am so, so excited.

More Than Dreaming.

A lot is happening up here in the cold land of Cambridge. I'll have more to share with you soon about specific happenings, but for now, dreams are being dreamed and pursued. Thank goodness, right? When you stop dreaming you start dying. So take a moment today, breathe in deep, and dream the craziest thing you can think of. I dare you to try and do it.