The Great Indoors

A blizzard is brewing. The flurrying has begun and the sky is furious to rid itself of the snow. I could keep whining about the cold, but it doesn't seem to do any good. Instead, I thought I would share my delightfully cozy indoor activities. I am currently job hunting so I have found myself with an excess of indoor time. In the case that you getting a strange episode of cabin fever yourself (or if you live in New England and you're about to be home-bound for DAYS), I thought I would ravish you with my woefully thrilling indoor fun.


Job Hunting, Video Editing and Crocheting. And staring out the window at all the cold people walking by. Is that mean? It's a lovely coffee time activity.


A few different treasures. One of the beauties of being out of school is reading, just for fun.

... "The Alchemist" (in honor of my bro-in-law Joshua, because it's his favorite book. Ironically, he used to tease me when I was little - FOR READING. So cruel.)

... I'm also still powering through "Anna Karenina", although it's a bit of a weary read. I'm going to reward myself with a viewing of Keira Knightley's interpretation of the text when I'm finally done. There will be kettle corn involved. And probably fruit snacks.

... "Audition", in preparation for my nervously-nearing future. Have I mentioned that yet? Mmm perhaps another time.

... And probably most importantly, "My Utmost for His Highest", for the Jesus factor. We all need the Jesus factor.


...House Hunters and Love it or List it; I'm officially addicted to house shows. Even though I don't and probably won't anytime in the near future actually live in a house. Been in an apartment for.... 5 years and counting. And I don't think they actually make houses for people in NYC. So there you have it.

...Duck Dynasty and Swamp People; I can never live without cable now. How glorious are these people? I just love them and want to go gator hunting. No I don't.


Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies... I may have perfected the ultimate fluffy cookie. More details to come; I need to do one more test run. Market research. Whatever it's called. Okay fine. I need to eat more cookies.


Ha. Only occasionally, but Mrs. Meyers products have made it slightly more fun. The RosemaryBasil and Honeysuckle counter top sprays are my favorite. Somehow, Mrs. Meyers has made cleaning sort of trendy.


Essie confections Turquoise and CaicosTart Deco and Lilacism. It's safe to say I've developed a healthy addiction to this nail polish. As my husband says, it's better than my addiction to Sour Patch Kids. Mmm that's my movie candy.


The gym. But just so my insanely fit friend won't reprimand me, let me mention that I've been hitting the Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs hardcore, and my oh my, I have to open a window once I get going. The cold in my apartment suddenly becomes sweltering and my hiney forms vocal chords and screams obscenities at me. It's great. Spring break, I'm coming at you. Along with my mouthy tush.

Any indoor activities that you're enjoying? I could use a few tips, since job hunting can get me a little down. You might call it the winter blues. Muahaha I made a relevant joke. See, I already feel so much better.

Stay warm, my New England friends!