Dream Project: Casting and Collages

Life Is But A Dream.

The Dream Project is becoming my life. It's funny though, because I wouldn't characterize it as "living the dream" quite yet. I spend my days submitting myself for auditions, going to auditions, prepping for auditions and reading books about, you got it, auditions. It's pretty all-encompassing. Thank goodness I have Carrie, who keeps me sane and pretends that I am behaving like a normal human being.

And she does art projects with me. That's the true sign of a good friend.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been making collages as a way of getting my creative juices flowing. I would cut out pictures of anything inspiring, funny and empowering. You should give it a try; it's a very revealing exercise that literally captures a visual of what inspires you at the moment. Every season of life is different and showcases a new facet of the journey. For me, it's especially fun to look back over the different collages through the years and see which words, colors and ideals I was drawn to "back in the day." So, of course, I thought it was only natural to make a dream collage as I embark upon this new chapter of life. Carrie came over, we assembled the appropriate treats and crafty tools and got to work.

Inspiration and Invitations.

Thankfully, every time I look at my new collage, I am reminded of what inspires me in this current season. Confidence, going for dreams and lots of light, haha. Something must be working because I booked a role and spent Monday on the set of a short film. Wahoo! I had so much fun working with Derick, Sue and all the crew at Mass Media Vision and playing a really silly character. I'll share clips and photos with you as soon as I have them. (Currently working on a new acting site, so I will put everything up there and link over to it in the next few weeks.)

Feeling uninspired? Feeling the winter blahs? I encourage you to scan your old Instyle and Health magazines and cut out anything that stands out to you. Give yourself 30 minutes. Maybe make a hot beverage. Enjoy a bit of "me" time and see what comes of it. I bet you will be surprised/impressed/inspired by what you see. And by how amazing YOU are.