Euro Trip: Fashion // Daytime Sightseeing

Euro Trip: Daytime Sightseeing

Euro Trip: Daytime Sightseeing by oykristen // 1. Leather belt // 2. Leather bag // 3. Tory burch earrings // 4. MADEWELL Silk Boyshirt In Pansy // 5. Sandals // 6. Sunglasses // 7. Jean Shorts // 8. Silk Scarf // 9. Druzy Bracelet 10. Leather watch //

Fashion. Statement.

I like to think that this is how I will be dressing when I pra

nce around the Old Country on my beloved Europe trip.

I've seen horror photos of American tourists traipsing around Versailles, the Eiffel Tower and The Colosseum in hideous running shoes and puffy workout shorts. Ew. Don't they know their children will be looking at these momentous photographs for years to come? While I may not be decked out exclusively in the above fashion able brands, I do believe that a little outfit pre-planning will make a world of difference. Call it the hokey actor in me, but I believe that how you look affects how you feel. If you're dressed well, you will feel ready to take on the day's adventures!

Since we plan on backpacking on this trip, I will have to be very creative about packing a few items and making them work various ways. This is going to be a fun(ny) challenge, that's for sure.

So Far...

I've made a few initial wardrobe purchases that are super versatile (and I think will be perfect for LOTS of wear on the trip):

- Free People ONE Golden Age top

- Anthropologie Teryn Crepe Shift dress

- A really adorable red dress from Red Pineapple, a tiny boutique in St. Augustine, FL. (I can't find a link to this dress anywhere, which might be a good thing...?)

Still on the List:

- A pair of supple leather sandals (for walking many miles on cobblestoned streets!)

- A pair of sleek (preferably non-chunky) sneakers. I can't go for a month without running, but my Reeboks might be a little large for my pack.

- A Chambray shirt 

As we get closer to the trip, I will have to start really putting outfits together and practicing my packing strategy. Yes, I will definitely have to post pictures of this, don't you worry.

For all you Euro-trip backpacking veterans, how did you manage to pack clothing for your trip? Tips, resources, advice? I'm all ears.