TASTE: Granola Protein Bars

Happy Monday!

I want to share a healthy recipe with you from my dear friend Natalie. She is so ripped. Even though we live far apart, she is still a mega inspiration to me on a daily basis. She is a beautiful lady, inside and out, and I often find myself missing her sweet spirit and uplifting view on life. And she can just really make me laugh. Natalie has a fierce dedication to working out and eating healthy, and I am often honoring her recipes and workouts here on Oy!

She is Miss Fresh Life. And she's done it once again.

Getting Fit.

Okay, I know martinis (above) aren't the healthiest choice, but we like to indulge, too! On a much healthier note, I've savored Natalie's Granola Protein Bars after (and sometimes before) my workouts, and these tasty treats have really improved my recovery. These aren't like the sugary bars you buy in the store; they are chock-full of protein and fiber. They contain awesome raw ingredients like bananas, walnuts, shredded coconut and protein powder. I won't list out the details of the recipe, you can link over to her site here to check it out step by step. Here are my highlights of the recipe process:


Yum. These granola bars are killer. Natalie mentioned putting them in the freezer, and that's my favorite way to enjoy them. Usually I only eat a half a bar because they are so hearty and filling. They are the perfect fuel for a pre-workout or a great post-workout snack to tide you over until dinner time. Plus, they are husband approved.

Taste Test.

It has already been determined that I'm a dork. A neon-donning, granola-bar-scarfing dork

(see above exhibits for confirmation.) I was honestly a little nervous about making something with protein powder (since I feel like all the stuff in the grocery store is crap), but I found a pretty legit brand at Whole Foods that was worth the investment. It doesn't taste too chalky and doesn't contain any soy (I don't want my man eating soy!) I used the Garden of Life Raw Protein in the vanilla flavor and I have been very pleased. These granola bars are so awesome; almost as awesome as Miss Fresh Life herself.

Enjoy your healthy treat. You will NOT be disappointed. Bon Appetit!