Sunday Gratitude

The nicest thing happened today.

I woke up this fine Sunday morning to a phone call from my husband. He left early to help with church set up, so he was out of the house before I even stirred. Our church is a quick walk from our building (I like to tease that we are very convenient Christians), so even though it's not too far, the early hour mixed with the cold makes it quite the morning sacrifice. Ok I lied. It would be a sacrifice to me, but he actually likes helping out. Imagine that. He is clearly the better one between the two of us. So, like I was saying, he called me this morning and I figured it was because he left something or needed something or something. Shame on me. He was calling to ask if he could bring me Starbucks. You did not misread. Starbucks for my morning. Coffee for me. Heaven's elixir for turning bitter mornings into better mornings. How NICE is that?! He said he had a short break from setting up, so he would walk over with coffee. He came gallantly up the steps of our apartment building, toting the beloved caffeine wonder (and blueberry muffin!) with honor. Ok maybe I was still half-asleep. But he seemed like such a stallion.

I LOVE presents and thoughtful acts of kindness. I just love them. And this morning, my kindhearted husband surprised me in the most special way. It may just be coffee, but it was coffee for me. I am so thankful for his thoughtfulness. I have to brag on him. Sometimes love is hard, sometimes love is awful, but sometimes it is sacred and special and laced with the darkest roast Starbucks has to offer. I think I have a praise report for the morning service. Haaa just kidding. I don't talk in church. I just doodle.

In all seriousness, I have much to be grateful for on this blustery cold day. What's your Sunday Gratitude? Cherish it.