Sunday Gratitude

There is no other way to put it. This has been a wild week. I've been scurrying around Boston town attending auditions and workshops in the thick white snow that paid us a very long visit mid-week. It snowed torrentially for two days straight until the sky opened up to the sunshine yesterday. Which led to incredibly fast melting ice. I slipped and almost cracked my head on an iced, cobblestone sidewalk. It's a wild world out there.

My Week in Pictures.

// Beer Sampler at John Harvards // Strange relic at the Somerville Movie Theater // Submitted My Sister for a Model Casting Call, perhaps without her knowledge... // They have honey-graham flavored yogurt at Berryline! //


I find that when my life has become so jam-packed with to-do's that I forget to meditate on what is truly important. Everything gets lost in the rushed fog. And then I forget what even happened all week long! Does this happen to anyone else? It's like, I know I was busy, but what in the world was I doing?

Sitting down and intentionally reflecting on the week really helps me maintain perspective.

This week, I am thankful for my dreams. I have spent a long time shelfing certain dreams, thinking that maybe, one day, I'll reach up and perhaps pull that one down and have a look at it. But the truth is, I feel that dream looking down at me from the shelf, its eyes begging me to give it a chance. Even when I think that I am in control of it, it's been nagging at my heart and my heart has a big expressive mouth, so I never hear the end of it. Alas. I am only beginning, but I have been doing my best to pull my dreams off of that shelf, shake off their age-old dust and give them a shot. I have no idea if I'm doing it the right way, but I am at least trying, and Dreams are the motivator. Dreams drive those to-do lists and busy schedules. If they aren't the fuel behind my everyday life, I find that I am easily tired out and apathetic. So, this week, though I haven't really anything to show for them (yet!), I am thankful for my God-given dreams and their potential.

Do you have one specific dream that you have purposely said "No" to over and over again? Does it (in a non-creepy way) haunt you a bit when you think of what could become of it? I dare you to take a long look at it this week. Really consider all its beautiful potential. There is no one in the world exactly like YOU, so cherishing those dreams and taking baby steps toward them is something that no one else can do. It's up to you. In the words of one of my favorites, "Dream on, dream until your dreams come true."