Sunday Gratitude

Happy Easter! I hope your holiday weekend was marvelous. I'm a little sad that I wasn't able to be with my amazingly fun family for this holiday, but I am reminding myself of all the reasons why I am grateful to be here in Boston (aside from the fact that JESUS IS ALIVE!) I have a wonderful life up here in New England, but occasionally, I just miss being home and curling up with my mom and eating her signature popcorn. And laughing at my dad's shenanigans. With my pretty sisters. But as I sit here with a lovely glass of wine (and a pile of laundry to fold), I am remembering my week and celebrating how great it was. There is always something to celebrate, even if you are a little homesick.

My Week in Pictures:

// NYC presents in the mail from my favorite engaged friends, Meredith and Warren! // Tea Party and Bridge (yes, I know how "The Help"-esque that sounds) // Goldendoodle puppy I chased down the street. His name is Stanley. Pretty sure his owner thought I was hitting on him. // Google car! I posed. // Acting website is in progress... // Easter bike ride through Beacon Hill //

It's been a great week and I have even more to look forward to this upcoming week. Stay tuned for acting news, my adventures at Disney World and touring Massachusetts castles with my super pregnant BFF :-) Life is sweet.