The Chocolate Brunch

Last Saturday I went to something fantastic called a chocolate brunch. You didn't misread. I put on a frilly frock and joined my pals as we trudged through the cold and attempted to be normal human beings again. Okay, most of these ladies ARE normal. I might be the only one who has trouble leaving the house when the mocking outdoors are so uninviting with the usual down pouring of snow, sleet and overcast skies. Thankfully, there is something called a Chocolate Bar that hosts a weekly Saturday Chocolate-themed brunch to brighten the spirits of those downtrodden Bostonians. Thank you, dear Langham Hotel, for inventing such a wonderful distraction.

Interested in hearing more about this decadent affair? You can check it out here, where I wrote all about my deliciously fine dining experience in this week's issue of The Harbus. Check it out and let me know which dessert you just couldn't have resisted.