The Dream Project: Just Do It

The Dream Project has been going swimmingly. Just absolutely swimmingly.

Last week was a big week for me. I dove into a sea of auditions, and although I haven't heard back from any yet, I am over the moon about how much fun/terror/fun it's been.

My week included:

- An audition for a comedy web series

- An audition for a student film

- An audition for a feature-length film (eek!)

- An acting class with Tom Kemp, focused on auditioning for TV and Film

The Myth.

Let me tell you something. There is a misconception about acting. People think it all looks like this:

// Exhibit A: Can we get a wind machine up in here? //

Can you say DIVA?! Cue this jam. This photo always makes me chuckle. It's a still from a short film I did a few years back. I have no idea how they caught me in such a breezy, thought-provoking moment. It's really important to reflect on these moments and realize that SOMETIMES the world of an actor is ridiculous. The real life of an actor-wannabe (that I was fondly reminded of this week) is just a hustle. Just a big fat hustle for WORK. Much like this:

// Photo Courtesy of a very sneaky Steven L. Hale //

// Exhibit B: That dirty hair just screams, "GIVE ME A JOB!!!" // 

This is it. The job hunt. Submitting myself for tons of auditions and seeing if I get any bites. I mean, does it get more glamorous than this? I think not.

The Down Low.

In all seriousness, this past week wasn't just fun because I was finally getting out there. That was great, but I honestly enjoyed the process so much. I feel like I grew as an actor in just a few days of putting myself out there, challenging myself with new material and pushing the limits of my own vulnerability. I felt myself actually improving with each audition. The last one went so well, I don't even care if I don't get cast. Seriously. It was just so much fun being in that room, in that moment, in character. I know I'm getting all artsy here, but that is the honest truth.

Walking away from each audition this week, I had that, "I'm so happy to be alive" feeling, and I wouldn't trade that for the world. Don't get me wrong. I still sweat like a pig and I was nervously clutching my script so much that it sort of got tattered and kept flopping over in my hands. Hopefully, just hopefully, they don't count off points for nervous passion?