The Haymarket Hustle

Oh, how fond I am about fruits and vegetables. I could write a sonnet about the sweet scent of springtime strawberries. I could sing a lullaby about the earthy crunch of celery. I love to cook, bake and most importantly, EAT, and fresh ingredients are key to the way I create in the kitchen. I like to think I am Giada, though I can't rock the low-cut blouse the way she can. How does she stay so powder fresh in the kitchen? She's really something.

Boston's Best-Kept Secret.

It's not a new discovery, but I've just never taken part in Boston's own fresh farmers' market. Partly because I never venture out of Cambridge (which is ridiculous, since downtown Boston is approximately a 6-minute ride on the train), and partly because I rarely venture out of my apartment (only in the Winter, but yeah, I'm a hermit), I just haven't made the move to get out on Saturday and take advantage of this amazing experience.

The Haymarket is an open-air farmer's market that has been in existence since 1830. It's another one of those historical wonders that you can just stumble upon up here. The market is jam-packed with frantic people bustling, shouting and negotiating deals. It's like an auction. "I want 6 grapefruit! Give me the pink grapefruit! No, not that one, the other one!!" "Over here, a bag of onions and avocados! OVER HERE!" It's a rush of energy and attitude. I just love it. Old Italian broads shouting at the children to stop eating the fruit. Sweet Indian gentlemen clutching their wives' purses and patiently waiting while she feels each papaya for its stage in the ripe cycle. Every tribe and tongue is represented in the market and I just love feeling a part of this vibrant community. I am not very vibrant or cultured, but I can really appreciate this special intersection of all people, where we come together with one purpose: we want fruits and vegetables. Give us the fruits and vegetables.

Ladies Who Lunch.

I hit the market with my girlfriends, and oh wow, I can't believe I haven't been doing this all along! Not only did we have a blast (despite the a fore-mentioned bitter cold) but we made a remarkable discovery. At the market, EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP. For example, Strawberries: 2 packs for $1.50. Blueberries: $1 each pack. Lemons: 6 for $1. I'm not making this up. Don't cry when you see the following, but... I got everything you see below for a grand total of TWELVE DOLLARS.

That's right. This probably would have cost $50 at Whole Foods. I got:

- 1 package carrots

- 1 package celery

- 1 large bunch spinach

- 1 bunch fresh rosemary

- 3 Roma tomatoes

- 2 packages strawberries

- 2 packages blueberries

- 1 package blackberries

- 5 plums

- 4 apples

- 3 oranges

- 3 kiwis

- 3 lemons

- 1 grapefruit

All for a grand total of $12.

I think I can actually hear Miss Fresh Life weeping all the way from Florida. Just come visit me and I will shower you with abundant and exotic fruits!


We had an absolute blast and scored mad deal. Stevie and I decided this is what we are doing for the rest of the weekends that we are here in Cambridge. Anyone up for deliciously cheap finds, outdoor fun, a historic treat and a lesson in cultures? Join me. Though I can't promise that I won't turn into a shouting Italian when I get there. I am easily influenced by passionate people.