Discovering Disney as an Adult

I begged them to leave me on Main Street.

Alas, I am no longer in Orlando, but in the bitter cold hands of the community of Cambridge. Far out of the reach of Cotton Candy, musical sound tracks and deliciously fun roller coasters. I am scheming about HOW I can get back to the magical land of The Magic Kingdom.

I had never been to Disney World before this trip. I am twenty-five years old. Let me tell you why it is totally worth doing Disney as an Adult:

1. The discovery is oh so magical.

You don't have to be a child to become totally enchanted by mystical characters, a princess castle and royal flags waving high in the winds. It is such a breathtaking entry. The music is happy. The ticket takers greet you by saying, "Have a magical day!" And you know what? They really mean it. You can tell.

2. You realize what a genius strange-o that Walt Disney truly was.

Let me tell you the truth: Walt Disney was a genius. A bonafide genius. If you knew a man who dreamed of bringing cartoons to life, building a princess castle in America and preserving his undead body in ice (okay that one might just be a widely distributed, but highly scandalous, rumor), you would probably think he were crazy. And Disney was dreaming this big seventy years ago! This guy was a true radical. Talk about wanting to change the world. He actually did it. And his legacy continues to bring hope and joy to millions of people every year. I mean, who does that?

3. You notice the immaculate attention-to-detail and you can appreciate it.

The shrubs are perfectly manicured. There is nary a piece of trash on the ground. Fresh flowers are planted each morning. The air smells like sweetly popped kettle corn. The ride workers are good-hearted people (unlike the scary folks you tend to encounter at carnivals) and they are wearing adorable pin-striped uniforms. Everything is PERFECT. It's like the park aims for something higher than excellence and whatever that standard is called, it is certainly achieved. As an adult, you can really appreciate the level of time, effort and attention to detail that is considered. I've never seen anything like it.

 // Prince Charming Regal Carrosel (I didn't misspell that, it's really "Carrosel!"//

 // Family Time // Bro Time // Walt Disney World Railroad // Reebok action //

// Sisters reunited! Isn't she just lovely? //

// More "Carrosel-ing" // Tomorrowland Speedway //

 // Dumbo the Flying Elephant //

// Doorway to Cinderella's Royal Castle // Gaston's Tavern //

// Aloha Isle Frozen Dole Pineapple Whip, by the graciously strong (and incredibly perfect!) suggestion of  Alyson - Thank you, friend! My favorite treat ever!! //

Experiencing Disney with friends, family, and (of course) my own Prince Charming, made the experience so fun and magical. Prancing through the newly-updated Fantasyland with my sweet 3-year old nephew Ollie was so special and memorable. Although his favorite part of the day was waiting for one of the rides (he got to play on a stationary truck while we wanted in line for Dumbo's flight), he held up for the entire 10-hour day without a nap! He was amazing. Because we all definitely wanted naps. My favorite part? Impossible to tell. I loved the Swiss Family Treehouse, the Pirates of the Carribbean, the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and of course, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I think I need to conduct a bit more market research before coming to such a strong conclusion. Fancy a trip down to Disney, anyone?

Tell me about your Disney experiences!