I Really Tried To Meet Taylor Swift.

Taylor Came to Town.

I was honestly starstruck for like, the first two songs. She is remarkably tall and really really pretty. She played Phillips Arena last Thursday and Friday nights in Atlanta. I was over the moon to have the opportunity to see her, especially with the best friends a gal could ask for. I'd hop on a plane any day for these gems. Taylor included, obviously. I hightailed it down South just in time to munch on brunch with my parents and remember what sweltering humidity is.

// Cheers. //

// Look at all the red. You can't deny our spirit. //

// Yep, we met our girl. I wish. //

The Concert? 

Amazing. Pop at its best. It was a light show, a choreographer's dream, and a costume-y rendition of her wonderstruck fairytales gone red. Apparently dating John Mayer does give you cooties. Poor Tay Tay. Listen to your mom next time, k.

The Company? 

Spectacular, especially since our party of 8 was decked out in all our ruby glory. There were some sparkles. Some beverages. Some off-key sing-alongs with our girl.

The After Party? 

Well, all I can say is Taylor, YOU MISSED OUT.

I did my best to try to meet her. Last year's tour VIP after party, The T Party was rightfully renamed this year to Club Red, and I really thought I could summon up my past-life cheerleader powers and hysterically spirit finger my way in. For some unfortunate reason I wasn't issued the appropriate credentials to actually get me in to Club Red (I still don't understand why, I danced like a fool, LIKE A FOOL) so I turned to desperate measures. I loitered. I gathered intel. I sweet talked. And when that didn't work I ran past the security guards screaming, "TAYLOR!! I'm not a crreeeeeeeep I just want to MEET YOU AND HUG YOU!!!!"

And that's when those guards showed me the door.

It's unfortunate, really. But what's MORE unfortunate is that she didn't get to meet us, because we are a pretty sweet crew. I mean, we could have changed her life with our sisterhood-of-the-traveling-pants wholesomeness. Our after party included midnight pizza and some kind of red cocktail on the floor of Emily's apartment and it was the best. Pizza, Atlanta and the sincerest friendships since Frodo and his Fellowship; I think I am The Lucky One.

P.S. - Check out my BFF Natalie's take on our concert adventure :-) She's the best!