Spring Break 2013

I know what you're thinking. We are FAR too old for Spring Break. I would have to agree with you. But I don't really care. My husband was granted a week off from school, so we high-tailed our tushies to the Boston-Logan Airport as fast as humanly possible and got the heck out of this icy, overcast haven of darkness.

We went to see my soulmate: My serene, angelic, petite and patient sister Kara. Her Ralph-Lauren model lookalike son Ollie. Her "my-brother-from-anotha-motha" hubby Brad. These are my people. My role models. My happy place. So although it was rainy and overcast for the majority of the trip (kiss that dreamed-of tan goodbye), I had the BEST time with them. We lounged, read Dr. Suess books, went for jogs and bike rides on the beach and talked a ton.

The amazing thing about family is that the relationships are always enriching, growing deeper and more interesting with time. I've known my brother-in-law Brad since he started dating my sis almost 10 years ago. Ten years! It's been really fun to welcome a brother into our all-girls family. I think he has such a great brain. He thinks out of the box. He's not afraid to try new things. He is truly the best and I admire him so much.


This Spring Break included two days in Orlando (we stayed at Brad's aunt's house) where we visited the Magic Kingdom at Disney World! Then we drove over to St. Augustine and spent two days at Brad and Kara's beach house there. The pictures speak for themselves. It was divine.


We ate fantastically well, especially at Nonna's and Cafe Tu Tu Tango, but my favorite tasty moment of the trip was cooking at the house. The kitchen at Brad's aunt's house is so HUGE and beautiful and stocked with all the dreamy kitchen tools... ah. It was a beautiful moment for me, personally. I love to cook so much and it was a mega treat to have the space and the utensils to make a simple meal. I like to dream that one day I will have a magnificent kitchen to experiment to my heart's foodie desires.


There were so many dreamy moments on this trip. Spending time with my precious nephew tops the list. He learned that I love to hear him say, "I love you", so he started saying it to me like ten times a day. It sounded like, "I love you!" and ughhh, my heart just melted. That little charmer. He's going to be such a heart breaker. Did I mention he's 3?


// Downtown St. Augustine //

// Oh so magical Magic Kingdom. Don't worry, I have more pics to share. //


// My view from the hot tub, overlooking the pool. Yes oh yes. // He reads the paper ON VACATION. Such a student. //

// Biking outdoors and berries indoors //

 // Leapin' leprechaun bros

// Blow wind blow // Sleeping on the plane ride home //

This trip was refreshing to my heart. Somehow my family (and the ocean!) always does that. Stevie and I have exactly 8 weeks left here in Cambridge, and this trip was the perfect way to gear up for the end of our time here. Now we are just ready for Spring to be officially sprung here in New England!