On Set: "Hot Damn" Music Video

Last weekend I was home in Atlanta for the briefest of moments, and I had the chance to work on my friend's music video. Actually, I had several awesome friends involved in this project and it was an absolute blast to work with them all day. The music video was for my friend Ryan Snow's song "Hot Damn" which is the first single off his new album, out in July. My excessively talented friend Drew Kaiser directed the video shoot and absolutely blew me away with his creativity, leadership and precision. His entire team at Southern Lights Productions were so excellent and efficient. I've been on many a set and I don't often brag about the efficiency or just overall niceness of the crew. But these folks are truly golden and deserve a shout out. Many thanks to Drew KaiserJordan McBrideLauren BrockJenna WessingerLogan Freaking ShawverRenonda Andersonand of course, Ryan Snow. This was one for the books.

The video was set in 1920's prohibition-era, so there was no shortage of long cigarettes, sparkly-fringed dresses and fake eyelashes. My favorite part of the day? Hanging out with so many righteously fun people. No lie. My gal pal Katie Casper was in from L.A. and we had a great time catching up in between dancing takes. And I had the super cool opportunity to meet several of the artists on Ryan's label, Big Snow Entertainment, including Dana KelsonJustin Monday and Brittany Young, who were also on set for the day. The only bummer of the entire day? I left my pearl earrings with wardrobe and had to turn around and drive back to pick them up. My silly accident. Oh, and there was a wardrobe malfunction... hopefully that evidence will only end up on the cutting room floor. Haha just kidding. Or am I...?

Major thanks go out to everyone at Southern Lights ProductionsBig Love Cuts and Big Snow Entertainment! Can't wait to work together again!

Stay tuned for more photos and the video to come (probably July) and check out this projecton my site :-)