Why Every Lady Should Visit the Driving Range

Driving Range.

My husband Stevie is an avid golfer. I have this picture in my mind of us playing golf together when we’re old and wizened, donning caps and matching stripey pastel outfits, commenting on each other’s swing. I don’t know why this is a comforting foresight for me, but it is. But there is one problem. I don’t play golf. Like, I have never played golf. But I fear not. I figure I’ve got some time on my side.


The lovely gentleman I call husband mentioned going for an outing to the driving range and I immediately said yes. I think he was a bit surprised. But this was the beginning of the fulfillment of my mediocre golf dream. Even mediocre dreams have a place in life, right? I don't wish to be a mega golf star. I just want to swing a club.

Here are a few reasons why every lady should visit the driving range:

1. You Enter the Man Zone.

And that really means a lot to him. Immediately worth it. To see that man smile.

2. You Get To Swing Hard.

My initial swing was straight, and apparently that is something to be proud of. "Good swing," he told me. It felt kinda good to just take a whack at it and see that tiny little ball disintegrate into the sky, proving my arm's power. Letting loose is just kinda fun.

3. You Get to Have Quiet Time.

One thing I noticed in this predominately male area is that there is no chit chat. No chatter. None at all. Women, we talk all the time. We like to discuss. But these men don't talk. It's so silent, and at first, it's a bit odd. I mean, why aren't they talking? There are hundreds of guys out there, all swinging and stuff, but no one is talking to each other. It's so strange. Odd really. But then the strangeness grows on you and all the sudden you are lost in your own thoughts, powered by the rhythm of your swing and entranced by the arch of your ball's journey into the emerald meadow. And it's good. It's a very likeable feeling. I could get used to this. Maybe soon I'll actually play a round.


Mediocre dreams, people. Sometimes, just sometimes, it's good to have those, too.