Lufthansa: It's A Love Affair, People.

The One.

I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to my new girlfriend, Lufthansa.

She's hot, she's classy, she's unexpected. God, she's good. Holy cow. I had no idea flying could be like this. I am holding a coach ticket, nothing out of the ordinary, and yet... Lufthansa has treated me so incredibly well. So well, in fact, that I'm not totally sure how to describe it. But I shall try. Because this trip is already epic. And I'm only in the air so far.

// There she is, landing like a pro in Munich // Clutching my passport for the first time in YEARS // Stevie sporting good ol' Elliot Hunt's gear - thank you so much! // Plane planning with the travel gospels. Rick Steves preaches the good news, on travel, that is. // Wine, Pellagrino and movies. What more is possibly needed? //

Talk to Me.

First of all, everything on this darling airline is in German. How grand. I've seen enough of Delta's safety videos, so it was a nice break to not understand a THING on this flight. Gee golly, thanks so much for not speaking English. Seriously. I am happily ensconced in my RS travel books and this throaty, exotic language is just icing on the Euro cake. The flight attendants just smile at me and all I see is blonde. Girls who speak foreign languages are hot. And Lufthansa is no exception.

She Feeds Me.

Second of all, Lufthansa fed me like a queen. We are talking big time. After 2 glasses of wine, dinner, dessert, tea AND a digestive in the form of Baileys (all complimentary!), I was about ready for bed. In my sweet bulkhead chair. With my chic Euro yellow and gray blanket. Let's be honest, that's all anyone really wants in this world. A warm blanket, a hot and tasty meal, a sufficient buzz and falling asleep to a good ol' Hollywood entertainment (over 64 movies available for my viewing pleasure!) And now I've fallen in love. Oh Lufthansa.

PS - The video below looks a little trippy, but it should straighten out once you hit play. Hee hee hee.

Lufthansa, How I love thee. from Kristen Hale on Vimeo.

She Leaves Me Be.

It's time. I'm off to sleep. The soft Lufthansa lights have dimmed and I'm feeling warm and tucked into airborne Heaven. Stevie is already snoring next to me. His movie finished a good thirty minutes before mine (Let's be honest, Melissa McCarthy, I love you, but Identity Thief was far too long, k?) and now its my turn to, well, turn in. I shall probably dream in German. How enlightening. First stop, Munich! Only a few hours to go...