Munich: A Bavarian Wonder.


It is the most perfect day in Munich. The sun is shining, the trees are happy and there is the lightest breeze in the air that would confound even a feather. It's storybook weather, really. Which is fitting, because Munich is something of a storybook town.

We wandered around today. Just walked and talked. And ate treats. Because we arrived in Munich earlier than our original plan, it actually gave us some relax time in this city that we weren't going to have much time in, prior. We went for a jog in the park by our hotel. Yes, there were wildflowers. I didn't run with my phone so that brief stint will forever remain in my mind, uncaptured by photos, but that is just ok. We lazily sipped cappuccino. Stevie attacked breakfast like it was the Hunger Games. All was just well.

Then we walked down to Munich's English Garden, which is something like Central Park (but with a lot more nudity - ah!) Since the weather was seriously SO perfect, the rest of the city had the same idea to hit the park; it was more than just crowded. It was crowded with beer lovers. German beer lovers. These kids make it's 5'o'clock somewhere look like child's play, seriously. Girls half my size were double fisting liters of wheat brew. I really didn't know whether to stare in shock or awe.

But I stared.

We engaged in the festivities. Hence, we rounded up our own set of life-sized pretzels and ale and had a good time joining in with the fratty songs of the crowd. There was also a band playing for a wedding that was in the park. So that was that.

English Garden, Munich from Kristen Hale on Vimeo.

We walked from Marienplatz to Odeonsplatz, popped into the famous Haufbrauhaus Biergarten, walked around the old-fashioned Viktualienmarkt (outdoor market) and stared in awe at the New Town Hall, the Frauenkirche and the gothic-style Heiliggeistkirche. Oy.

We ended the day with a delicious outdoor dinner. I was sort of over the typical Bavarian fare (enough with the sausages and bread!) so I opted for a simple salad, but even THAT was delicious (and adorable - they served it in a mason jar! Southerners, take note; its a great way to mix the dressing in.)

Truth Bomb.

I have to be honest. The day was lovely. But I dealt with a bought of homesickness that overwhelmed me. I don't even have anywhere to be homesick for! I live nowhere! (Perhaps its part of the problem, yes.) But the past few weeks have been a bit, um, overwhelming. With goodness and celebration and fun. But also with incredible uprooting, change, and the strangeness of goodbyes. During the past few week, as many of you know, there's been the graduating, the family in town, the moving, the saying goodbye to dear friends, the apartment hunting... well, I think it had to hit me. At some point. But I felt so guilty for being mopey about this stuff on our epic Euro trip, and then I felt worse. Ugh. But Stevie let me cry. And his response to my emotional face mess? "Why don't we get you a cappuccino?" Then I cried all over again. BECAUSE HE IS SO NICE TO ME.

Then the homesickness left.

Guys, we are going to a castle tomorrow. The hyena-like hyper in my heart cannot be contained.