Munich: The Layover of a Lifetime

// Panorama of the Biergarten Airbrau at the Munich Airport. Not too shabby. //

Waking Up in Munich.

I feel like I was hit by a train. Or like I rode in a plane and it's suddenly somehow 10am, but its not. Because its actually 4am to me and I feel really really strange. Like really really whacked. And these wonderful high-cheeked blonde Germans keep feeding me delicious free espressos and I don't really know how to process that. AND everyone's drinking beer in the airport and it's only 10am. No it's 4am. Ah. I don't understand. I think I have a case of the jetlags. Plural. It's a real thing. And Stevie is attempting to have a family meeting with me about Euro-Dollar conversions and our trip budget and he's trying to speak to the Germans in German (which he doesn't speak) and... all I can do is stare at him. He kind of looks like one of them. That golden thicket atop his brow. The latest shot of morning espresso hasn't quite hit my system yet, clearly.

It's Time for My Feeding.

Let me try this again. We are in Munich, hooray! The jetlag made me feel like a drunk zombie, but thankfully, a delicious meal and outdoor beauty has almost cured me. We have an 8 hour layover in the Munich airport today (yes, 8 long hours) before we go to Berlin tonight, but it's actually going really well. We ate lunch at Munich's world famous biergarten, Airbrau, which is the only airport brewery in the world! We had some sausages with coleslaw and a hearty salad AND a legit German-style pretzel. Oh, and obviously beer. Hobbit style. For those of you who know what that means.

// Munich Airport. It's legit. //

Sketchy. Shopping.

I made a fun purchase today. I bought a really cool blank notebook and graphite pencil in the airport. The artist nerd in me wants to keep a record and draw cool buildings/things we see along the trip. To remember. We shall see how it goes. I started sketching the biergarten today and then I sort of fell asleep. So there you have it.

Berlin tomorrow! I have a feeling it's going to be rad.