Prague: Just Kidding.


It's not happening.

Yes, I'm crying too.

Due to the massive flooding, the Mayor has declared a national disaster and asked that all unnecessary travel be redirected. Praying for the people and their families who have been affected. Selfishly, I am incredibly bummed, as Prague was one of the sparkling cities I really wanted to see. But at a time of devastation, tourism is really the furthest thing that city needs. So, we shall have to plan to see Prague again at a better time! (We are taking applications for all friends who want to visit with us.)

Thankfully, we were able to get our tickets changed free of charge after a hilariously heated exchange with two train officials. They were so kind to us, but there was a moment of panic when they were going to charge us 250 Euros to get to Munich. Not really fair, since we had been unwillingly uprooted from our original plans. Things got sorted out (after some INTENSE German debating, thank God for Stevie and his Germanic good looks) and we are now on a long train to Munich. We have passed through some flooded cities on our way south. It's a strange way to see such gorgeous countryside, especially for the first time. These charming little German villages that I have seen pictures of in all my travel books are half-drowned in the valleys. I think we will have some delays on our way, but at least we were able to secure a seat on this train. Which by the way, German trains are so awesome. So much room and so CLEAN. I feel like I'm in a sci-fi movie everytime I step onto one. Even the voice over on the intercom is so... space-agey. You know in Star Wars Episode 2 Attack of the Clones, when Obi-Wan finds an army of clone troopers on Kamino? The voice of THOSE creatures. That's what the German intercom on the train sounds like. It's wildly exciting. K Stevie says I might have lost some of you.

German Countryside. Trainside. from Kristen Hale on Vimeo.

Side note: The term “water closet” is so lovely. I think I'm gonna start calling the bathroom that now. It just sounds so much more polite. Haha and I had to pay to use one today, I thought that was a travel myth. A whole euro to get into the water closet! That's just something. Although, public water closets here are breathlessly clean. It's truly a wonder. I shall happily pay anytime in the States for a public restroom to sparkle like this.

Flooding along the train route. Major bum bum.

We are arriving in Munich two days earlier than planned. We have no immediate plans, other than find a hotel last minute. I guess we shall do some hiking?