Takeaways From Germany

Night Light.

We are on a night train from Munich to Venice. My oh my, this is quite an experience. We are in a couchette, which is basically a closet with 6 bunk beds (and accompanying people) stuffed into it. My headlamp is on and and my typing fingers are poised. Stevie and I are whispering back and forth so that the rest of the strangers we are closely sharing oxygen with can't hear our semi-ignorant American perspectives on Germany. Here it goes:

1. Everyone in Germany smokes. After like every meal. Pre-coffee, post-dessert, it always seems like it's a good time for a ciggy. I guess it's still cool here. But I'm a bit tired of experiencing second hand smoke, people.

2. They know how to bake mean bread. Baguettes, sandwiches, croissants. Oh yum yes. What are they doing to their bread that we aren't? It's baffling. I want it all the time. I keep finding excuses for giant pretzels. With Nutella. And marmalade. Dear God I need to find a gym.

3. The breakfast menus are Stevie-approved. And that's saying something. This man is obsessed with the first meal of the day. Every day.

4. It's so green. Lush. Luscious.

5. The aesthetic is a bit confusing. There are romantic castles and gorgeous hillsides and then really modern Ikea-type buildings. Clunk. Someone in the laundromat told me it's from all the bombs. Which then makes the aesthetic sort of mournful.

6. The milkmaids. I love them.

7. 80's American music is playing everywhere. Why? Why is that?

8. The history is pretty spectacular and scary, all at once.

Stevie's input:

10. “The beer is better for you out here.” He believes it's nutritious. I like how the foam is really fluffy, like in a cappuccino.

11. “German food is fresh. Russian food in Germany is not so fresh.”

12. Sometimes the touristy spots are better than the non. Just sayin'.

13. The trains are boss. “They put U.S. Metros to shame.” Mmm. Agreed. He's so insightful, yeah?

And we're done. Auf wiedersehen, Germany!